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We all want to get back to work and back together safely. enCloud9 can help you return to work safely and with confidence.

Microsoft recently released a Power Platform based solution aimed at helping organizations bring employees back to work safely. The Return to Workplace solution streamlines workplace safety across your organization. The solution not only enables you to give everyone in your organization the tools they need for a safe workplace, but it also allows you to protect your workforce during each phase of your return – and beyond. enCloud9 is ready to aid you and your employees to deploy this solution and return safely to work.

A proven solution built and tested with customers

The four components, or modules, of the solution are Location Readiness, Employee Health and Safety, Workplace Care Management, and Location Management

Location Readiness

Location Readiness helps facility managers and task force leaders quickly determine through a Power BI dashboard the readiness of facilities in re-opening. Executive leaders are able to monitor various key metrics, such as COVID-19 infection rates and supplies availability, to determine which of the four opening phases facilities an organization is in.

Return to Workplace Safely | encloud9

Also included is a readiness checklist to show the steps that are needed to move facilities through different phases. Facility managers are also able to see such things as employee activity and employee sentiment about returning to work.

Return to Workplace Safely | encloud9

Employee Health and Safety Management

This module of the Return to Workplace Solution provides employees with the tools they need to check into work remotely and self screen before entering the workplace. The goal here is to keep employees safe as well as productive.

Return to Workplace Safely | encloud9

On the app, employees can see a list of facilities that are open, and after completing a quick health survey, it is determined if they are eligible to check into a facility.

Return to Workplace Safely | encloud9

After completing the health survey, employees will either receive a pass to check into the selected facility.

Return to Workplace Safely | encloud9

Or, if their responses show that they are not healthy, they wont receive a pass and instead be given contact information for the company health and safety department.

Return to Workplace Safely | encloud9

Workplace Care Management

This component provides health and safety leaders the tools they need to identify potential COVID-19 infections, manage cases to ensure care in quarantine, and notify exposed individuals. In addition, this module helps in identifying COVID-19 hot spots. The goal of the Workplace Care Management module is to efficiently create and manage employee cases. The employee case process consists of 4 stages.

Return to Workplace Safely | encloud9

  1. Open – In the Open stage, basic information regarding the case is recorded. Also, during this stage, a health safety lead is also assigned as the case manager.
  2. Investigating – In the Investigating stage, the case manager ensures whether or not employee checks and screenings are being completed in accordance with the company policy. The result of these checks is a clear instruction to the employee. As soon as this is communicated to the employee, the case is moved to the next stage.
  3. Monitoring – The monitoring stage is an extension of the investigating stage. After the investigating stage is complete and the employee has been given instructions or guidelines, they’re monitored until they’re healthy enough to be eligible to return to the workplace.
  4. Resolve – This is the wrap-up stage for the case, where closing remarks can be entered.


Location Management

This module is coming soon, so not a lot of specific details are available. This component helps locations to remain open safely with tools for monitoring occupancy, health supplies, safety procedures, and other facility-related best practices.

How Can We Help?

If this solution sounds like something that would benefit your organization, contact the professionals at enCloud9 to deploy this solution for you.  We can help you plan for and deploy the Return to Workplace platform quickly and train your team in best usage practices.  enCloud9 has one of the most experienced Microsoft Power Platform teams in the US. Let us help you return to work safely and with confidence.

To provide feedback about the Return to the Workplace solution, visit https://aka.ms/rtw-community.

enCloud9 can help you return to work with confidence!


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