Why Use CRM?

So if CRM solutions for the healthcare industry have been around for around 15 years, why are only about 15% of healthcare providers utilizing them?  The benefits to using Microsoft Dynamics 365 in the healthcare field can be considerable. Providing exceptional customer service is imperative to ANY business, but particularly so in a service type business, such as health care.  Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM allows you to provide superior customer service. Why makes Dynamics 365 different than other CRM solutions and what makes Dynamics 365 the best CRM for healthcare?

Hospitals and clinics are getting more and more competitive. You need something that sets you apart from the others in your area. Excellent customer service is that something. The healthcare industry is putting more money into marketing than they did previously. You now see such things as commercials on TV for hospitals, clinics, and healthcare providers. You also see billboards and direct mailings convincing people to visit an individual facility or health care provider. Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM is an excellent way to keep track of these marketing campaigns.

People want to feel they are getting personalized care.  They don’t want just to be a number.  People want a relationship with their healthcare provider. In this day and age, anyone can google medical information, but that is so impersonal! Personalized care is the difference.

Challenges Faced by the Healthcare Field

The main obstacles experienced by the healthcare industry are office efficiency and providing quality care while staying within their budget.  A CRM (customer relationship management) tool can help with both. With so many CRM solutions out there to choose from, what makes Dynamics 365  ideal CRM for healthcare?

Major Obstacles in the Healthcare Industry: How Does Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM Help?

Office Efficiency

  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM enables healthcare providers to manage their practices efficiently. It is much more productive to have all data in one single, centralized, easy to access system. Information can be quickly found, rather than having to search many different locations.
  • Dynamics CRM fosters better record keeping.
  • The performance of routine business processes (such as admissions and discharges) can be analyzed and improved- allowing for a better customer experience.
  • The use of workflows and dialogs supports and automates business processes.
  • Dynamics CRM allows for better security of confidential data (such as medical, financial, or personal information).

Providing Quality care

  • Probably one of the most considerable benefits that Dynamics 365 provides healthcare providers with is a 360-degree view of their patients.  Every health care professional from every department can see a complete picture of a particular patient’s case (ex- medical history, care plans, medications, tests, diagnosis).
  • Coordination among health care providers is more convenient with Dynamics 365.  Because Microsoft Dynamics 365 integrates with many familiar programs, such as Skype for Business and Office 365, caregivers can easily communicate with each other via voice message, written message, or video.  This coordination of information allows not only for better and more consistent care but also for better outcomes.
  • Customized workflows can be created within Dynamics CRM to automate care and coordinate activities between all healthcare providers.
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM enables organizations to stretch limited resources while providing excellent care.
  • With Dynamics 365, it is more manageable to follow-up on patients.
  • Dynamics CRM allows Healthcare Professionals to address questions/concerns more quickly. There is nothing worse than sitting, waiting, and wondering about an answer to a medical question or concern.
  • Dynamics CRM allows for a more personalized patient experience.  This ultimately results in a more satisfied customer! To read more information about how Dynamics 365 helps you provide great customer service, read our recent blog articles on this topic.
  • There are many ways Dynamics CRM can impact your marketing.
    • The ROI of your marketing campaigns can be easily tracked.
    • Keeping track of new insights and changes in how marketing is being used is effortless.
    • Targeted marketing- The detailed patient information allows you to send out relevant messages (reminders to get medical procedures done, health tips, educational offerings, ways to manage an illness/condition, etc.)
  • Operations can be streamlined (which can potentially improve revenue and reduce costs).
  • Dynamics 365 allows patients to self-service (for example schedule their own appointments, check test results, ask medical questions).  Patients are empowered and allowed to take charge of their own health.
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM you to catch cross-selling opportunities you may have otherwise missed.
  • Watch your business grow and your revenue increase with Dynamics CRM.
  • Dynamics CRM pumps up sales and increases productivity.

Why Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM is ideal for the healthcare industry

  • Dynamic 365’s integration with many familiar programs, such as Outlook and Office 365. The use of multiple software systems impedes productivity and the ability to build stable relationships with patients.
  • Dynamics 365 CRM can be easily customized to meet your company’s needs.
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM is more user-friendly than other CRM systems.

To learn more about why Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM is the right choice for you, read our blog titled Six Reasons You Need a CRM and Why Microsoft Dynamics is the Right Choice For You!

Video: Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Healthcare in Action

Silver Chain, one of Australia’s largest providers of personal health care services, has implemented Dynamics 365 Field Services for its nursing staff to deliver essential care to patients across Australia. The platform built combines Dynamics 365 and field services management on mobile devices to provide a single source of truth of patient data. It means Silver Chain now has real-time patient reporting and has improved transparency of patient care. Watch the short video below to hear about how Silver Chain utilizes Dynamics 365.

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