Microsoft Dynamics 365 Support Services

Dynamics 365 is a considerable investment – a smart one, but if you are self-supporting then you are missing out on the advantages of a proactive expert partner to guide you. enCloud9 has partnered with to offer this service to our clients. Managed services from Dynamics 365 Support is a proactive, subscription-based service that we offer to ensure our clients get the most out of their investment.

Qualified and Certified Support 

If you’ve committed to Dynamics 365 for your Customer Engagement solution, then Dynamics 365 Support is committed to supporting you along the way. Our experienced team of Dynamics 365 professionals offer unsurpassed knowledge and are committed to you. Our mission is to simplify the day-to-day Dynamics 365 Administration. We lift that burden off of your shoulders and allow you to focus on your business.

Dynamics 365 Support can manage your Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM and add-ons. Learn more about why Dynamics 365 Support is the right managed service provider for you!

Training your team

Want to keep your CRM management team in house? will train your own administrative team for you. Our support services include:

  • Managed Dynamics 365 help desk
  • Duplicate Data Analysis
  • Workflow and Process Reviews
  • Regular client meetings to ensure your unique Dynamics 365 is running smoothly.
  • Monthly updates on System performance

All of this is affordable for your business for a reasonable, fixed monthly rate!

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Dynamics 365 webinar | enCloud9 | credit card processing
Dynamics 365 webinar | enCloud9 | using SMS
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on demand webinar - enhanced filtering in Dynamics 365
on demand webinar - credit card processing in Dynamics 365
on demand webinar - using SMS in Dynamics 365
on demand webinar - sales forecasting in Dynamics 365
on demand webinar - Power Apps and Dynamics 365 update
on demand webinar - 3 flows to charge up your sales
on demand webinar - Dynamics 365 App for Outlook
On Demand webinar - Dynamics 365 Mobile
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10 Dynamics 365 Best Practices - Webinar
Best New Features of the Dynamics 365 October 2020 Update - Webinar
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Dynamics 365 Professional Services

Dynamics 365 Implementation


enCloud9 is one of the most experienced Dynamics 365 implementation partners in the field. We will work with you and your team to analyze your requirements, uncover your business processes, and develop a Dynamics 365 implementation project plan that delivers a complete solution to your problems.


Marketing Automation with ClickDimensions

ClickDimensions is the highest rated Add-On for Dynamics 365 and with good reason: this complete Marketing Automation tightly integrates with Dynamics 365. Your Marketing and Sales teams can do all of their work within the same CRM application.

Dynamics 365 Support Services


Once your Dynamics 365 system is up and running, you need a qualified administrator to keep it humming along. can either manage your Dynamics 365 or train your own administration team to do it for you.



Accelerators are prepackaged Dynamics 365 implementations designed to get you up and running on Dynamics 365 in approximately seven days. All of our Accelerator packages include Dynamics 365 licensing and user setup.

Dynamics 365 Rescue and Repair

Have you inherited a dysfunctional Dynamics CRM system and you know it is capable of so much more? enCloud9 has worked with dozens of companies in the same situation. We will take your Dynamics 365 system and work with your team to align it with your goals.


Licensing your Dynamics 365 solution can be confusing, and purchasing the wrong license for your users can cost you more than $1,000 per person per year! With several potential licensing options, we can analyze your specific needs and make recommendations to optimize licensing.

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Everything you need in one powerful suite of tools

Feature-rich Dynamics 365
Dynamics 365 CE for Sales helps your sales team close deals faster using lead and opportunity management, activity tracking, and an easy to use mobile app.
Dynamics 365 Customer Service App is a full-featured solution that includes Case Management, Entitlements, and Knowledgebase articles to keep your customers engaged and enthusiastic.
Dynamics 365 for Marketing and ClickDimensions combine to power your marketing team's ability to engage with prospects and customers.
Dynamics 365 for Marketing and ClickDimensions combine to power your marketing team's ability to engage with prospects and customers.
Dynamics 365 for Marketing and ClickDimensions combine to power your marketing team's ability to engage with prospects and customers.