As any attorney will tell you, it’s difficult to juggle managing a firm and practicing law at the same time. You need to manage schedules, maintain communication with clients, track and bill for your time and organize important documents. It’s easy for such mundane tasks to distract you from what’s most important – practicing law and ensuring your clients’ satisfaction.

This is where customer relationship management software such as Microsoft Dynamics 365 comes in…

It simplifies your operations to make managing your law firm easy and effortless.

This means you can focus on giving a great level of service to your clients while Dynamics 365 runs your firm for you. It helps you nurture new leads, strengthens existing client relationships, ensures you collect and bill on time, manages your time effectively and makes administrative duties flow. So, you and your team can be more productive, perform better and help your firm grow.

Finds and Nurtures New Leads and Strengthens Existing Client Relationships

Did you know acquiring new clientele costs 8 – 12 times more than doing repeat business with your existing clients?

So, if you want a steady flow of work to keep your firm ticking over, then strengthening existing client relationships as well as nurturing new leads is the way to go. Put simply – it keeps your costs down and grows your profits.

Dynamics 365 allows you store all your important information securely in one place for quick and easy access by all your team. It helps you keep track of communication with both new leads and existing clients. As well as information like how long a client has been with you and how many referrals they’ve sent your way. So, you can maintain contact and further strengthen client relationships.

This offers many great advantages:

  • Increases client retention and repeat business.
  • Saves time as it gives instant access to all customer data.
  • Assesses the strength of each client relationship.
  • Tracks and monitors emails in Microsoft Outlook.
  • Follows up on leads and helps turn them into new clients.
  • Helps you manage your social media.

Promotes Operational Flow and Enhances Time Management

One of the biggest obstacles firms face is with managing their time effectively. With a CRM, all your important information is in one single system. This means it’s within instant access by you and your team, so you can manage your data more easily and your operations can flow.

By centralizing all your administrative functions and services it also means you can standardize forms, work-flow systems, and office policies and procedures, to insure consistency among firms with multiple offices.

It simplifies your operations in the following ways:

  • Organizes and manages all aspects of your practice – allowing you to focus on your work.
  • Stores all your communications, contacts, documents, calendar events and invoices at your fingertips.
  • Increases productivity by taking care of all your copying, imaging, filing and mailroom functions.
  • Records and tracks your court dates, client meetings, and other important dates and times.
  • Lists and reminds you of milestones, upcoming meetings, court dates, and other important pending matters.
  • Eliminates the need to manage multiple spreadsheets, calendars and to-do lists.
  • Ensures everyone stays on track and increases productivity.
  • Reduces costs and supplies information more quickly and reliably.

Accurately Tracks Time and Maximize Your Daily Billable Hours

With the majority of work being billed by the hour, the financial success of your law firm largely depends on you accurately tracking your time spent working and prompt billing.

Dynamics 365 keeps all your important client information in one single place. This means you and your staff can instantly check details like their name, the title of their company, time and billing, project management and the most recent information regarding the status of cases. So, you can accurately track and bill for work you’ve done.

Dynamics 365 allows you to accurately track your time and bill efficiently in many ways:

  • Access information instantly and bill an extra half an hour to an hour a day.
  • Be reminded of clients´ debts with features like pop-ups to ensure they´re billed.
  • Saves time spent going through multiple sources as all information is at your fingertips.
  • Provides a better service to keep your clients happy.
  • Keeps track of everything with ease for increased productivity.

This means you can quickly separate your intra-office communications from your time spent working with clients to maximize your daily billable hours and grow your profit margins.

Nurturing leads, enhancing client retention, improving time management and maximizing billing are just some of the ways Dynamics 365 can help your law firm run smoothly and grow. It can also help you in areas like recruitment, staff management, cost control, planning and protection against costly computer viruses.

Now it’s Your Turn

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