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by | Apr 19, 2022 | Microsoft Dynamics 365, New Features in Dynamics 365, News and Updates

This blog is part three of four in our series focused on updates to Dynamics 365 and the Power Platform as part of the April 2022 Release 1

Over the years we have all become used to receiving notifications from all the apps we use every day. Whether it is Facebook, LinkedIn, or e-mail – a notification signals to us that something important needs our attention.

With the 2022 Dynamics 365 Release Wave 1 plan, Microsoft is adding in-app notifications to Dynamics 365 CE. This has been one of the top requested features for the last several years and I am happy that Microsoft is listening to its users.

Why use in-app notifications?

Lets start with a simple scenario that shows the value of in-app notifications.

Bob and Jeff are salespeople for a major pet food company. They are currently working on a multi-million dollar opportunity to add their gourmet dog food line to one of the largest pet stores in the country.

Bob is vacationing at his lake house in northern Maine. He is out on his fishing boat when a call comes in from their prospect. Good news -the deal has been approved!

After hanging up the call, Bob opens up the Dynamics 365 Sales App on his phone, searches for the opportunity, and marks it as won. He then gets back to fishing- his favorite sport.

Back at the office in suburban New Jersey, Jeff is working in Dynamics 365 when a notification pops up on his screen that the opportunity has been won!

Other common scenarios

Dynamics 365 in-app notifications help to engage users and help them prioritize key tasks.

In-app notifications are completely customizable and can be designed to be triggered on many different scenarios. Examples include:

  • Closing a support case
  • Scheduling a phone call or meeting
  • Completing a sale
  • Assigning a lead
An example of a notification

How to create notifications

There are two ways to create notifications available today. First – if you have a developer available, they can use the WebAPI to trigger notifications. Non-developers who have access to Power Automate can easily build notifications and control when they are triggered and to whom they are delivered.

The Microsoft docs site is an excellent resource for more information on creating notifications.

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