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ClickDimensions PowerPack | enCloud9

How ClickDimensions PowerPack Helps SMBs Drive Higher Win Rates

Are you a small or medium-sized business struggling to remain competitive in an increasingly competitive market? ClickDimensions PowerPack enables SMBs to improve the efficiency of both Sales and Marketing efforts,
PCF Controls | enCloud9

Dynamics 365 Tips and Tricks – Use PCF controls

If you customize Dynamics 365 or model driven Power Apps, you should use PCF controls to surface data or simplify data entry. Here are a few of our favorites... What
Model Driven Apps vs Canvas Apps | Power Apps | enCloud9

Canvas Apps vs Model-driven Apps

It can be confusing to understand the two types of Power Apps and when to use each. This blog article breaks down the differences of canvas apps vs model-driven apps.
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What’s new and upcoming in Dynamics 365 Sales?

The 2022 release wave 2 plan covers all new functionalities planned to be released from October 2022 to March 2023. We will give you a rundown of a few of
Quoting | Dynamics 365 Sales | enCloud9

Forgotten Features of Dynamics 365 – Part 6 -Boost Reliability in Dynamics 365 Sales with Quoting

While many companies use Dynamics 365 to track leads, opportunities, and contacts, many still create quotes in Excel spreadsheets. This blog aims to demonstrate why your company should create quotes
Territory Management | Dynamics 365 Sales | enCloud9

Forgotten Features of Dynamics 365 -Part 5 – Take Your Business to Another Level with Territory Management in Dynamics 365

One of the most overlooked yet powerful features of Dynamics 365 CE is Territory Management. Territory Management is available in Sales, Customer Service, Field Service, Project service Automation, and Marketing.
New Sequence Designer | Dynamics 365 | enCloud9

New Sequence Designer in Dynamics 365 Sales is now available for early access!

As part of the 2022 Release Wave 2, Microsoft has announced the launch of a new version of sequence designer. The new sequence designer will be made generally available in
Duplicate Detection | Dynamics 365 |encloud9

Forgotten Features of Dynamics 365 – Part 4 -Keep Your Data Clean with Duplicate Detection in Dynamics 365

Duplicate records in Dynamics 365 can be an annoyance. Not only do duplicates lead to wasted time (wasted phone calls, wasted emails, and wasted messages) but ultimately Sales and Marketing
Dynamics365 App for Outlook | enCloud9

Forgotten features of Dynamics 365 – Part 3 -Dynamics 365 App for Outlook Basics

Peanut butter and jelly, cookies and milk, grilled cheese and tomato soup - some things are good alone, but when combined with something else, are outstanding. That is how Dynamics