Email Marketing part 3 – Email Statistics With ClickDimensions

by | Oct 18, 2021 | ClickDimensions, Email Marketing

In our third and final blog of our email marketing series, we focus on interpreting the email statistics provided by ClickDimensions. Part one of our email marketing series covered creating email templates with ClickDimensions. Part two concentrated on creating and sending email sends within ClickDimensions. It is an important part of your email marketing strategy to know who is interacting with your emails and how they are interacting.

Viewing your Email Statistics With ClickDimensions

Once you have successfully sent out an email send record, the record will then be moved from the Drafts view to the Sent view, The record is now referred to as a Sent Email Send and this is where you will find your email send’s statistics.

To view email send statistics, navigate to messaging > email > sent.

Upon opening a sent email record, the information displayed in the top portion of the screen includes Emails Sent, Emails Delivered, Total Opens, Unique Opens, Total Clicks, Unique Clicks, and Bounces.

Total Opens and Unique Opens

A Unique Open is defined as the number of distinct recipients that have opened your email.

The Total Open number on the other hand represents the total number of times that your email has been opened. 

For example – if a single recipient loved your email and came back to it and opened it 5 times, one Unique Open will be recorded, while five Total Opens will be recorded.

Total Clicks and Unique Clicks

A Unique Click is recorded when a recipient clicks on a link for the first time.

Total Clicks are the total number of times a link in your email has been clicked on.

For example – one of your email recipients is extremely engaged by the topic of your email and clicks on a link 10 times. Only one Unique Click is registered, whereas 10 Total Clicks are recorded.

Email Send Statistic Graph

Underneath that information, you will see a graph. There are four types of data about your email send represented in the graph.

  1. Overall Performance – Here you will see information about how many listed and excluded recipients contained in your email as well as interaction, bounce, and unsubscribe percentages.
  2. Interacted – Here you will see a Click Rate (which is determined by the unique clicks versus the total clicks) and an Open Rate (which is determined by the number of unique opens versus the total opens).
  3. Deliverability – Deliverability is defined as percentages of Soft Bounces and Hard Bounces. Soft Bounces indicate a temporary delivery issue – such as a recipient’s mailbox being full or a recipient’s email server being down or offline. Hard Bounces indicate a permanent reason an email can not be sent – such as a recipient email address not existing or a recipient’s email server completely blocking delivery.
  4. Split Test (if applicable)

Other Email Statistics

After viewing the graph, if you scroll down further, you will see specific information about the recipients of that email. You will see information about Email Events, Excluded emails (emails not sent), and Connections and conversions – as well as the number of visits generated and the number of forms and surveys submitted as a result of your email.

Clicking on Email Statistics in the menu bar opens up more statistics.

When Email Statistics is clicked on, you will be able to see data about Social Statistics, Click Report, and a Click Heat Map.

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