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Track leads, optimize sales activities, and close deals faster.

Sales Accelerator is the NEW GENERATION of CRM QuickStart

Powered by Microsoft Dynamics 365, Sales Accelerator is a proven cloud-based sales solution designed to:

  • Increase sales velocity and revenue
  • Provide a comprehensive view of sales pipeline and activities
  • Go Live in as fast as 7 days!
  • All for a low fixed price

Sales Accelerator clients find that their sales team is better engaged with their customers and prospects. Designed for sales teams of up to ten users who are ready to turbo-charge their sales!


Accelerate your Sales Cycle

Increase Sales velocity and per sale revenue by up to 60 percent with the CRM that your team will view as an indispensable tool to know their customers and increase their sales.


Enrich Customer and Lead Data

Sales Accelerator includes tools to identify the right companies and people to pinpoint. Priceless information that helps you sell more.


Automate everyday tasks

With the Sales Accelerator from enCloud9,  your salespeople spend less time on tedious, non-sales-related tasks, freeing them up to do what they are meant to do – SELL!

Custom Dashboards keep you up-to-date

Easy to understand Sales Dashboards keep you up-to-date on the sales activities and trends that affect your bottom line, enabling you to take decisive action.

Work from virtually anywhere

Make the world your office using the included mobile app. View and update the latest data. Keep an eye on important KPIs. It’s all in the palm of your hand.


Be a Part of the Conversation

Easily track emails, tasks, and appointments from Outlook and keep up with your sales team’s interactions with your clients.

Accelerate your sales in as little as 7 days.

The experienced consultants at enCloud9 have years of firsthand experience helping businesses like yours to increase sales and provide better customer service. Find out how easy it is to accelerate your sales today!