Attracting the attention of buyers today requires more effort than ever before. Businesses must differentiate their business by offering truly personalized buyer experiences that turn prospects into engaged customers. Customer buying decisions are not only based on who has the best products and services, but who will provide them with the best experience.  To keep up with the growing expectations of customers, businesses need to be constantly striving for not only ways to attract new prospects, but to develop meaningful, ongoing relationships with their existing customers. We know that customer engagement is a vital part of boosting sales. By maximizing customer relations, you are indeed maximizing revenue. Dynamics 365 is that key to helping to build customer relationships.

Dynamics 365 is the engine behind customer engagement.

Dynamics 365 combines business technology with the art of relationship.  Dynamics 365 provides you with a 360 degree view of the customer. This real time, complete customer view allows businesses to provide thoughtful engagement – while simultaneously building trust.  Although there are a multitude of ways Dynamics 365 helps build customer relationships, we have identified 8 ways that Dynamics 365 aids you in elevating the customer experience and helps you to build meaningful relationships with your customers.

1- Tracking communication

The first way Dynamics 365 helps build customer relationships is through its easy integration with such software programs as Outlook and Microsoft Teams. Emails in Outlook are tracked into Dynamics 365 and attached to customer records. This provides businesses with detailed communication histories that can easily be referenced. We have written extensively about how the integration between Dynamics 365 and Outlook increases productivity.

Call logs in Microsoft Teams are also tracked into Dynamics 365 –  again providing valuable communication histories. Through Microsoft Teams, it is easy to share files, exchange information, chat, or send messages. enCloud9 uses Microsoft Teams to communicate not only with our teammates, but also with our customers.

2 – Customer Insights and Data

With Dynamics 365 Customer Insights, transform customer data into actionable insights. Unify data for deep audience insights and predict customer needs using built in AI. Unlock powerful insights using pre-built AI models, or customize your own. Analyze customer behavior for real-time engagement insights. Harness data to drive informed decisions, automate processes, and personalize customer engagement. The Customer data platform enables you to know your customers like never before. Dynamics 365 is all about using data to drive business outcomes.

When a customer reaches out to you with a question or concern, you can easily bring up a profile of their activities (including previous purchases, interactions, or feedback). Dynamics 365 helps you make the most of data and use it to understand your clients more completely. By understanding your clients more completely, you can help them more thoroughly and rapidly.

The Engagement Insights capability enables organizations to understand interactively, how customers are using their services and products  through a variety of channels (including websites, mobile apps, and connected products). The Engagement Insights capability combines behavioral analytics with transactional, demographic, survey, and other data types from Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Insights. This combination creates rich insights that help drive next best actions and personalized experiences. This feature is currently in preview. Visit the engagement insight website to sign up for a demo of engagement insights.

Customer Insights | Dynamics 365 | enCloud9


3 – Conversation Intelligence

Conversation Intelligence allows businesses to strengthen customer relationships with ongoing, personalized interactions. This feature was designed to help sales managers and sellers in their day to day job by providing them with the tools needed to track their sales performance in calls with leads and customers. Conversation Intelligence enables your sales teams to gain a new perspective into customer needs by using analytics and data science to gather data from sellers call recordings and Dynamics 365 Sales. Data, information, and insights are analyzed to intelligently manage your sales team and proactively coach sellers. To achieve this, Conversation Intelligence displays relevant KPIs by team, seller, and call. Customer relationships are strengthened with ongoing personalized interactions.

Conversation intelligence | Dynamics 365 | enCloud9


4 – Tracking Relationship Health

Proactively track relationship health in order to better understand customer sentiment and trends. At a glance it is easy to see which customers need attention. By tracking relationship health, you can proactively take necessary actions towards at risk customers.

Dynamics 365 | relationship health | enCloud9

5 – Customer Voice Surveys

Connect with your customers to build better experiences with Dynamics 365 Customer Voice. Surveys integrated with Dynamics 365 allow you to streamline follow up. Customer feedback guides future business decisions. Customer Voice allows you to gather and track the customer metrics that matter and act rapidly. Turn raw data into deep insights, share data across systems, and build brand loyalty by accelerating in-the-moment responses.

Dynamics 365 | Customer voice | enCloud9

6 – Understanding Where Your Customers Are in the Customer Buying Journey

Understanding your customer and where they are in the customer buying journey allows you to make the best possible decisions on how to proceed with an opportunity, lead, or contact. Since buying decisions are emotional, it is important to be cognizant about building relationships throughout the entire customer journey. There are 6 stages every customer goes through in the buying journey. We have written a blog, made a video, and an infographic on how Dynamics 365 helps at each stage. Orchestrate buyer journeys based on how customers engage during interactions with your company.  Customer journey mapping is a visual representation of the steps followed by a customer when completing a specific action.  In addition, customer journey touchpoints and funnel reports help you understand your customer’s journey, quickly find gaps and opportunities, and drive next best actions.

7 – Automated Workflows

Automated workflows keep things moving and ensure that no critical steps are missed. When a client contacts you about an issue, an automated workflow can be created to create a support case in CRM, alert the appropriate team member of the new case, send an email to the client letting them know that their case has been received and logged and that someone will reach out to them shortly. It is important to maintain communication with clients and inform them of progress.

8 – LinkedIn Sales Navigator

LinkedIn Sales Navigator and Dynamics 365 Sales are combined to empower sellers to drive more personalized and meaningful engagements with buyers. Dynamics 365 Sales and LinkedIn Sales Navigator together create an adaptive solution that actively monitors signals to anticipate customer’s needs, build trust, and cultivate enduring relationships.

InMails in LinkedIn are a common form of communication used by sellers to connect with their customer. Efficient customer engagement is fostered by the ability of sales reps to compose and send InMails within Dynamics 365 Sales – while also viewing the LinkedIn profile information. A recent enhancement includes the availability of profile pictures from LinkedIn in Dynamics 365 Sales. Enhance key application scenarios by connecting the system of record with the LinkedIn data graph and insights.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is not only a great way to attain new leads and opportunities, but also a great way to build relationships with current customers. Stay connected and close to customers with proactive notifications like when customers switch jobs, etc. Bringing the human touch in the digital era is at the heart of every sales interaction. It is so important to keep your customers interests and needs first and foremost. It is vital to let customers know they are valued and important. With Sales Navigator, you can know what actions to take to grow the relationship and you can also know what content resonates most with customers.

Get the complete picture with interactive org charts…


and a unified view of interactions.

LinkedIn Sale Navigator | Dynamics 365 | enCloud9


In Conclusion

 So you’ve seen a few ways that Dynamics 365 can help build customer relationships.  Dynamics 365 makes it easy to engage effectively with customers and to build customer loyalty. Remember, the customers you invest in now will be the ones who are committed to doing business with you in the future and are more likely to refer others. Business entrepreneur Henry Ford once said “It is not the employer who pays the wages. Employers only manage the money. It is the customer who pays the wages.” Dynamics 365 makes it easy put the human touch  into every customer interaction.

Would you like to win more business?

Would you like to see your sales and revenue increase? Would you like to see your employees work more productively and improve their customer relationships? Do you want to understand your customers in a whole new way? You’ve seen how all of this and more is possible with Dynamics 365. Microsoft Dynamics 365 enables you to be proactive – not reactive.

In today’s digital era, it’s more important than ever before for businesses to create connections, build trust, and cultivate enduring relationships with their customers. enCloud9 has experience in helping companies like yours to achieve their business goals and to drive the desired outcomes.  Contact the professionals at enCloud9  to get started with Dynamics today. With our Sales Accelerator or Service Accelerator, you can get started in as little as 7 days. Our Accelerators are prepackaged Dynamics 365 implementations designed to get your business up and running rapidly.