April 2020 New Feature Deep Dive: Sales Forecasting Webinar

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Stop playing the guessing game!

Being able to predict the revenue of your organization is vital. An accurate revenue forecast allows for planning, focusing on the right aspects of your business, making informed strategic decisions, budgeting, and allocating resources appropriately, just to name a few. This, in turn, saves you time and money. One of the best new features included in the Dynamics 365 2020 Release Wave 1 is Sales Forecasting. It enables you make accurate predictions, eliminating the guesswork.

Sales Forecasting Webinar

Brian Begley, the owner of enCloud9 and Dynamics365support.com, began our monthly webinar by giving some information on Sales Forecasting: talking briefly about what it is and the benefits of using sales forecasting. He discussed the differences between Goals in Dynamics 365 and Sales Forecasting. While Goals were a good idea in theory, they could be hard to manage. Sales Forecasting, on the other hand is much more flexible and easy to manage.

Brian then went right into his demo.  He showed us how to create a sales forecast and demonstrated how easy it is to get around. Brian also showed us a sales forecast that he had already made, in order to demonstrate some points on interpreting the results of a forecast. Watch the recording and download the presentation below:




Want to Learn More?

In addition to our Sales Forecasting webinar, you might want to check out our blog to learn more. If you would like to learn more about Sales Forecasting, there are many useful Microsoft resources. One great resource is this video from Microsoft about how to Drive accountability with advanced forecasting in Dynamics 365 for Sales.  In addition to this video, here are some other great resources from Microsoft:  Project accurate revenue with sales forecasting and analyze revenue outcome by using predictive forecasting, or configuring sales forecastsDownload our PowerPoint presentation for more great resources.

Join our March webinar as we preview the Dynamics 365 and Power Apps during April 2020. We’ll be reviewing improvements to the timelinerich text functions in the notes, using the Kanban board to manage sales opportunities and more. Don’t miss our Best of the April 2020 Power Apps and Dynamics 365 Update. Register for our March webinar below.


How Can We Help?

enCloud9 is a recognized expert in helping organizations like yours to get the most out of their Dynamics 365 system. If you have any questions on Dynamics 365 Sales or if we can help you with any of your Dynamics 365 needs, don’t hesitate to contact us.  We would be more than happy to discuss how Dynamics 365 can help you drive sales.

Visit our YouTube channel for more informative webinars.



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