Exciting AI Innovations Coming to Dynamics 365 Sales

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Discover the latest in sales innovation! In this blog, we’ll unveil the newest advancements in Copilot and AI within Dynamics 365 Sales. From enhancing sales productivity to refining customer engagement and streamlining sales execution, these features are poised to revolutionize the sales landscape. Join us as we delve into how these innovations empower sellers and sales managers to elevate their strategies and gain unparalleled insights into their sales processes.

Copilot and AI innovation

1. Elevate your sales pitch using Copilot email assistance

Copilot lets you spend less time composing email. With this feature, you can:

  • Select a predefined category or enter your own text and Copilot will suggest content with specific prompts and actions.
  • Adjust the tone and length of the email.
  • Customize the suggested content before you send it.
2. Use Copilot to get answers from your sales documents

This innovative CRM feature significantly boosts your productivity and knowledge retention. By harnessing the power of AI, you can get quick answers based on the information and documents stored in SharePoint by simply chatting with Copilot in Dynamics 365 Sales. This feature enables quicker decision-making, reduces response times, and enhances customer interactions.

3. Maximize sales success with AI-suggested past successful deals

With this feature, Salespeople can tap into the collective intelligence of past successful deals. By suggesting similar opportunities, this feature streamlines the decision-making process and enhances the chances of closing deals swiftly. Salespeople can gain valuable insights from their own successes, harness industry-specific knowledge, and make informed decisions, ultimately boosting sales effectiveness. By leveraging AI suggestions, you can enhance your strategic approach, increase efficiency, and boost their win rates.

4. Improve productivity by using Copilot in Dynamics 365

With this functionality, sellers can employ Copilot to leverage existing sales skills and enhance their productivity. sellers can instruct Copilot to:

  • Summarize lead and opportunities records.
  • List recent changes to lead and opportunity records.
  • Prepare you for a meeting.
  • Provide email assistance.
  • Get the latest news about a customer.
5. Know your account better with AI-generated account summary

Sellers no longer need to spend excessive time sifting through scattered information or manually compiling account details. They can now quickly access a comprehensive overview of each account, enabling them to prioritize their work effectively and engage with customers in a more personalized and targeted manner. By employing this tool, sellers can:

  • Get an overview of the account and quickly understand the key information.
  • View a summary of associated opportunities.
  • View a summary of associated leads.
  • Learn the latest news about an account.
6. Summarize lengthy emails using Copilot in Dynamics 365 Sales

Reading through lengthy email threads can be very time consuming. This feature it saves valuable time and energy by condensing complex discussions into concise and easily understandable summaries. This feature not only saves valuable time, but it also streamlines the communication process – allowing teams to quickly grasp the key points and make informed decisions.

7. Boost your sales with product content recommendations

As a sales professional, it can be challenging to find the right product information in a timely manner. With the personalized content recommendation feature, you’re presented with the right document at the right time, significantly enhancing meeting preparations, saving time, and fostering deeper customer connections. This ensures that you remain focused, enabling you to maximize the value of each interaction.


Sales Engagement

1. Plan and perform assigned tasks with preview of sequence steps

By using the Up next widget, sales professionals are able to  access essential interactive components within entity forms, capturing the necessary steps for executing any sequence workflow. As a part of this capability, you will be able to:

  • Get a preview of all sequence steps for both single and multiple sequences associated with a record.
  • Have a consistent experience to associate and execute manual activities for single and multiple sequences.
2. Improve customer engagement with sequence preview

Digital selling is a team activity wherein multiple sales team members work together to win a deal. By previewing sequences, it is easier for teams to work together. With this enhancement, you can:

  • Get an overview of the sequence that shows the total number of steps, the number of days spent, the time required for completion, and other details.
  • Find which team members completed different steps and who would work on future actions.
  • View steps and activities that are completed or upcoming.
  • View completion and due dates of sequence steps.
3. Guide sellers to work simultaneously using multiple sequences

With this enhancement, as a sales manager or the operations team, you can assign multiple sellers to work on different sequences for a particular record at the same time. This will enable sellers to:

  • View team members who are also using sequence on a record.
  • Attach additional sequences to a record that already has sequences attached.
  • View details of a sequence and find a list of completed and upcoming activities.


Sales execution and sales force automation

1. Notify sellers and sales managers after assignment rule execution

This notification feature helps managers and admins quickly assign unassigned leads or opportunities to prevent delays and business loss. For sellers, it ensures they stay updated on new tasks, helping them manage their workload more effectively.

2. Assign leads, opportunities to sellers based on individual capacity

Sales managers can efficiently manage seller workload by automatically assigning priority leads and restricting the number of low-priority leads per seller, ensuring effective sales strategy execution and maximizing productivity.

Seller experiences

1. Experience the new look with a refreshed styling

The new and refreshed look is aimed at enhancing your user experience, which in turn till increase user engagement and productivity.

It includes:

  • updated styling
  • including drop shadows
  • brighter background colors
  • new fluent-based controls in forms, business process flows, and dialogs,
2. Analyze opportunities better by grouping them and aggregating their values

Dynamics 365 Sales introduces an upgraded opportunity pipeline view, placing sellers at the center of their workflows and offering enhanced clarity and efficiency.

  • Dynamic grouping options
  • The ability to aggregate numeric values
  • Sellers can segment their pipeline effectively and gain insights into total estimated revenue – facilitating prioritization and focus on high-value deals.
3. Customize lead qualification process for a seamless experience

Dynamics 365 Sales introduces streamlined lead qualification, allowing tailored processes to match organizational needs and sales criteria, saving time and facilitating efficient lead evaluation.

Sellers can:

  • Assign newly generated opportunities to other sellers, fostering collaboration and maximizing sales team efficiency.
  • View the AI-generated lead qualification summary after a lead is qualified.
  • Choose to create multiple opportunities from a single lead.
4. Optimize lead entity work with focused view as default

The focused view feature in Dynamics 365 Sales has generated significant interest within the community, as demonstrated by high adoption rates and positive feedback. Focused view as the default view for the lead entity. This enables sellers to quickly navigate between records, conduct prospecting calls, update records, and convert leads with ease.

As a part of this update, sellers will be able to:

  • Use focused view as the default view for the lead entity.
  • Select multiple records.
  • Execute actions for both single and multiple records using the command bar.
  • Remember user preference while using the focused view control.

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