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Using SMS with Dynamics 365 Webinar

SMS messaging with Dynamics 365 | webinar | enCloud9

In this month’s webinar, we discuss using SMS messaging with Dynamics 365. SMS or text messaging is a quick and easy way to stay in touch with your customers. enCloud9’s new Easy SMS add-on brings two-way SMS for Power Apps and Dynamics 365. Now you can message your customers when:
• their case is resolved
• product is shipped
• or a technician is on the way.

Find out more details about Easy SMS and how it improves your company’s communication with clients.

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April 2020 New Feature Deep Dive: Sales Forecasting

sales forecasting | enCloud9

In this month’s webinar, we take a deep dive into one of the updates coming to Dynamics 365: Sales Forecasting.
Topics covered were:
• How to build monthly, quarterly, or annual sales forecasts for your sales team
• How to use forecasts with Dynamics 365 Goals
• Creating reports

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Best of the April 2020 Power Apps and Dynamics 365 Update Webinar

Best of the April 2020 Power Apps and Dynamics 365 Update Webinar

In this month’s webinar, we preview the changes coming to Dynamics 365 and Power Apps during April 2020. We discuss improvements to the timeline, rich-text functions in the notes, using the Kanban board to manage sales opportunities, and more. In addition, Brian Begley demos a sample sales forecast that he created.

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Tips for Surviving Working From Home

working from home| enCloud9 |Dynamics365support

Working from home may become more common as the COVID-19 virus continues to spread, but at enCloud9, we have been working from home since our founding in 2008. In fact, you might say – we are experts at it. Because we are experts at working from home, we would like to offer our best tips to help you keep your productivity (and spirits) high.

Three Flows to Charge Up Your Sales Webinar

Power Automate | Three Flows to Charge Up your Sales Webinar | enCloud9 | Dynamics365support.com

Everyone is looking for more time in the day. Power Automate enables you to work less and accomplish more. With Power Automate, you can automate repetitive, mundane tasks allowing you to focus on other things. Watch your productivity go through the roof! Charge up your sales with Power Automate.

In this informative webinar, Brian Begley shares three flows that enCloud9 has recently built for clients.

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Increase Productivity with the Dynamics365 App for Outlook Slides

Dynamics 365 App for Outlook | Webinar Slides | Encloud9 | Dynamics 365support.com

In this informative webinar, Brian Begley demonstrates how Dynamics 365 works with Outlook to increase productivity throughout the workday. This demo includes mobile and Power Apps scenarios and is appropriate for Dynamics 365 users still using the old Outlook integration as well as model-driven Power Apps looking for an easy way to integrate emails. The recording of the webinar may be viewed at https://youtu.be/fok90vh2ljY


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Take Another Look at Dynamics365 Mobile Webinar

Dynamics 365 Mobile | enCloud9 | Dynamics365support.com | webinar

If you have tried to use the Dynamics 365 mobile app on your phone in the past but left disappointed, then then this webinar is for you. Microsoft has rebuilt the app from the bottom up to make it easier to use, with all the most important information at your fingertips. In our webinar, we discuss many of the app’s best features for improving productivity on the go as well as giving a live demo.

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Don’t Be Afraid of the Unified Interface Webinar

Don't Be Afraid of the Unified Interface | enCloud9 | Dynamics365support.com | webinar

In our Unified Interface Presentation slides you will learn about many of the UI’s best features for improving productivity. It is time to start planning your migration to the Unified Interface, if you haven’t migrated already. We give many tips to planning a successful migration.

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Unified Interface Playbook

Unified Interface Playbook

Microsoft’s Unified Interface playbook is intended to help customers, partners and Microsoft field roles plan and execute transitions from the legacy web client to the UI.