Boosting Efficiency: Dynamics 365’s Impact on REI’s Sales Processes

by | May 1, 2018

Client Overview: Radio Engineering Industries, Inc. (REI), headquartered in Omaha, occupies a distinguished position as the foremost manufacturer specializing in cutting-edge audio, video, and safety systems meticulously tailored for the school and tour bus industry. With an impressive and steadfast presence firmly established within their niche, REI has consistently proven itself as an industry pioneer. They have adeptly harnessed the power of Dynamics 365 to elevate and optimize their operations, setting the standard for innovation in their sector.

The Challenge: Before enCloud9’s partnership, REI faced a formidable challenge. Their existing Dynamics 2011 on-premise CRM system, once a cornerstone of their operations, had grown outdated and no longer aligned with the dynamic needs of the organization. This unfortunate circumstance led to suboptimal user acceptance and adversely affected their sales processes. Recognizing the urgency of the situation, REI embarked on a mission to transition to Dynamics 365 Online, embarking on a comprehensive journey to transform their sales procedures. Their goal was to shift from predominantly offline processes to a CRM-centric approach, capable of meeting the demands of a rapidly evolving industry.

Our Solution: enCloud9’s response was comprehensive and meticulously tailored to REI’s unique requirements. We initiated the transformation by executing a meticulous migration, orchestrating the seamless transition from REI’s on-premise Dynamics 2011 to the dynamic realm of Dynamics 365 Online. The integration process was executed with precision, ensuring a smooth and disruption-free transition. Subsequently, we harnessed the formidable capabilities of the Dynamics 365 Sales App to meticulously design and implement structured sales processes. Each process was finely tuned and customized to cater to the distinct needs and intricacies of REI’s five distinct divisions. To further enhance their decision-making capabilities and streamline performance evaluation, we meticulously developed a suite of insightful dashboards. These dashboards provided REI’s management team with valuable insights into sales trends, enabling informed and data-driven decision-making.

Results Achieved: The culmination of our collaborative efforts has delivered transformative results for REI. Their sales processes, once hampered by outdated systems, have undergone a remarkable metamorphosis. The implementation of Dynamics 365 has ushered in a new era of streamlined, highly efficient workflows. It has not only modernized their sales approach but has also significantly improved accessibility across the organization. The end result has been a notable increase in user acceptance and productivity.

Conclusion: REI’s journey with Dynamics 365 is a resounding success story that has indelibly marked their path to operational excellence. The platform has not only revitalized their sales processes but has also positioned REI as a pioneer within their industry. The innovative integration of Dynamics 365 has set a high standard for technology-driven transformations and is a testament to REI’s commitment to staying at the forefront of their field.


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