Efficiency Unleashed: How Dynamics 365 Transformed JWC Environmental’s Lead Management

by | May 1, 2018

Client Overview: JWC Environmental, a trailblazer in municipal wastewater equipment since its inception in 1973, has consistently set the industry benchmark for reliable and high-performance waste reduction and screening solutions. At the core of their mission lies the commitment to design, construct, and service the world’s most dependable waste shredders and screening systems, specially crafted to address the most intricate waste reduction and recycling challenges.

The Challenge: In a digital age where inquiries flow continuously, JWC Environmental faces a daily surge of leads through their website, often numbering in dozens. To harness the potential of these leads effectively, JWC Environmental had previously integrated ClickDimensions Marketing Automation. However, as the volume of leads continued to rise, it became apparent that a more sophisticated lead management system was imperative.

Our Solution: Recognizing the pivotal role of streamlined lead management, enCloud9 collaborated closely with JWC Environmental’s web development team. Our objective was to establish a seamless integration between web-generated leads and Microsoft Dynamics 365. This integration enabled the implementation of automated processes, intelligently assigning leads based on factors such as customer interests and geographic parameters, ensuring optimal engagement with the right salespeople and partners. enCloud9 enhancing JWC’s lead management through Dynamics 365 integration.

Results Achieved: The impact of our solution has been nothing short of transformative for JWC Environmental. With the ability to effortlessly manage leads and contacts, the company has unlocked substantial time savings, empowering their team to concentrate on high-value activities. The automation of lead distribution and assignment has significantly improved responsiveness to potential business opportunities, fortifying their competitive position. As a result of wnCloud9’s work, JWC experiences a surge in efficiency and productivity

Conclusion: This success narrative underscores the remarkable capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics 365 in elevating lead management and fueling operational efficiency. JWC Environmental’s journey accentuates the tangible benefits of modern technology, highlighting the significance of staying at the forefront of today’s competitive business landscape through astute automation and strategic integration.

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