Client Overview: In the world of chromatography and molecular spectroscopy, Jasco Inc. has long been a prominent player, serving manufacturers and research labs globally since 1958.

The Challenge: Jasco had an On-Premises Dynamics 365 implementation However, they faced a challenge with their outdated Dynamics 365 system. John Burchell, Head of Sales at Jasco, discovered enCloud9 through an internet search and saw the solution to their digital woes.

Our Solution: Enlisting the expertise of enCloud9’s Brian Begley, Deb Burgesser, and Ashish Khana, along with close collaboration from John Burchell and the Jasco team, they embarked on a project to modernize their operations. The project integrated D365 Sales and Customer Service, along with additional tools like ClickDimensions Marketing and Business Central.

Results Achieved: In a swift 3-4 months, enCloud9 successfully completed the initial project, breathing new life into Jasco’s digital infrastructure. The partnership was so successful that Jasco decided to continue working with enCloud9. Looking ahead, their focus has shifted to enhancing Customer Service capabilities, including managing return authorizations and creating a client service portal.

Conclusion: This success story illustrates the transformative power of technology and collaboration, showcasing how Jasco Inc. not only embraced the future but also solidified its position as an industry leader in chromatography and molecular spectroscopy.