Client Overview: Aureon is a Des Moines-based Business Support services company. Aureon started in 1986 as Iowa Network Services, with the main purpose of connecting independent telephone companies (ITCs) Since their re-branding in 2016 to Aureon, they have continued to grow expanded and have the services.

The Challenge: Aureon had a problem faced by many organizations. Several years ago, they implemented Dynamics CRM without consulting with a professional firm. As a result, the CRM did not meet their complex requirements and suffered from disuse and unreliability.

Our Solution: Aureon engaged with enCloud9 to perform a systems audit and process review. Using the information collected, enCloud9 developed a staged CRM improvement plan and worked with Aureon to implement the changes to rescue a failed CRM.

Results Achieved: For the first time, Aureon and its employees can rely on Dynamics 365 to provide timely information to manage relationships with its clients.

Conclusion: This success story exemplifies enCloud9’s expertise in rescuing or repairing a failed CRM. enCloud9 has worked with dozens of companies who have inherited a less-than-optimal Dynamics 365 CRM. With our Dynamics 365 CRM Solution “Rescue and Repair” we will take your Dynamics 365 system and work with your team to align it with your goals.