PPC Flexible Packaging’s Digital Transformation: Dynamics 365 Success

by | May 1, 2018

Client Overview: Nestled in the vibrant city of Buffalo Grove, Illinois, PPC Flexible Packaging emerges as an undisputed champion in the realm of high-quality flexible packaging manufacturing. With a rich legacy and an unwavering dedication to superior craftsmanship, PPC has transcended the ordinary to become a veritable powerhouse in the world of innovative packaging solutions. Their expansive repertoire encompasses everything from cutting-edge consumer packaging to pristine cleanroom packaging and captivating floral/gift packaging. Yet, PPC is more than just a packaging provider; it’s a dynamic force that has earned accolades as an employer of choice. Through a steadfast commitment to cultivating a safe and professional environment, PPC has fostered lasting relationships with customers and partners alike.

The Challenge: PPC, a forward-thinking company, recognized that the sands of time had rendered some of their operational processes outdated. In the face of a rapidly evolving business landscape, they found themselves at a crucial crossroads. To remain competitive and adaptive in today’s marketplace, organizations need to embark on a digital transformation journey. PPC identified the need to digitize and streamline many of their manual processes to stay ahead of the curve.

Our Solution: PPC, formerly known as Packaging Products, embarked on an electrifying partnership with enCloud9—a decision that would set the stage for a remarkable digital transformation. The initial focus of this journey was the revolution of their manual processes for managing client artwork, a cornerstone of their operations. With numerous clients relying on PPC’s design services to craft the artwork for their products, the need for a seamless and efficient solution was paramount. Enter Microsoft Dynamics 365, a powerhouse in the world of digital transformation. enCloud9 harnessed its robust capabilities to orchestrate a comprehensive overhaul. This encompassed the creation of a sophisticated tracking system, one that not only managed client requests and job estimates but also encompassed the entire design process. Dynamics 365 emerged as the guiding light in this digital transformation odyssey.

Results Achieved: The synergy between PPC and enCloud9 has unleashed transformative outcomes that are nothing short of exhilarating. Today, all of PPC’s jobs are at their fingertips through Dynamics 365, accessible via an intuitive dashboard. This dynamic dashboard not only offers a consolidated view but also includes a mesmerizing calendar that organizes all jobs by their due date, thoughtfully assigned to responsible artists. The implementation of Dynamics 365 has not merely streamlined operations; it is poised to deliver substantial time savings, potentially amounting to hundreds of hours annually. This transformation underscores the extraordinary impact of modernizing manual processes, ushering in an era of enhanced efficiency and effectiveness. PPC Flex has maintained a long-standing partnership with enCloud9 for an extended duration.

Conclusion: This is not just a success narrative; it’s an adrenaline-pumping testament to the transformative prowess of Dynamics 365 and the audacious spirit of digital transformation. PPC’s journey is a vivid illustration of proactive adaptation in the face of a rapidly changing business landscape. As organizations increasingly embrace the value of digital transformation, PPC stands as a paragon of its benefits—enhanced productivity, competitiveness, and readiness for the future. Microsoft Dynamics 365 shines as a brilliant tool for driving efficiency and innovation across diverse business processes, lighting the path toward an electrifying future.


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