Security Meets Innovation: BSI’s Dynamics 365 Partnership

by | May 1, 2018

Client Overview: Located in the thriving heart of Texas, Biometric Signature ID (BSI) stands as a formidable industry player specializing in innovative software tools designed to revolutionize security measures across sectors such as Education, Finance, and more. As an emerging startup and a trusted Microsoft partner, BSI artfully combines its entrepreneurial spirit with a rich legacy of over 15 years in the field of biometric security solutions, solidifying its position as an influential leader.

The Challenge: BSI, fueled by its commitment to excellence, encountered a pivotal challenge. It became evident that empowering their dedicated sales team required a comprehensive solution to meticulously track and optimize the entire sales process, spanning from initial lead generation to the successful closure of opportunities. Recognizing the transformative potential of an integrated CRM solution, BSI forged a strategic alliance with enCloud9 to embark on this journey toward enhanced sales operations.

Our Solution: Acknowledging the paramount significance of a seamlessly integrated CRM platform, BSI chose enCloud9 to implement Microsoft Dynamics 365, the ideal foundation for their vision. Dynamics 365 would serve as the linchpin of their sales operations, empowering their team with robust tools and capabilities. This comprehensive solution enables them to navigate the intricacies of the entire sales lifecycle, from lead inception through opportunity optimization. enCloud9’s approach was tailor-made, ensuring Dynamics 365 aligned perfectly with BSI’s unique requirements. This encompassed the meticulous crafting of customized business process flows, finely tuned to streamline and optimize their sales operations. To augment decision-making and performance assessment, an array of dynamic and visually rich dashboards was meticulously developed. These dashboards provide BSI’s management team with real-time insights into sales activities, performance metrics, and emerging trends.

Results Achieved: The partnership between BSI and enCloud9 has delivered tangible, transformative outcomes. BSI’s sales processes have undergone a remarkable evolution, now operating with heightened efficiency and precision. Dynamics 365 has facilitated a seamless and interconnected approach to sales, substantially enhancing visibility and control throughout the sales lifecycle. By simplifying lead management and opportunity tracking, BSI has achieved improved sales pipeline management, reduced manual effort, and increased overall sales efficiency.

Conclusion: This success narrative serves as a resounding testament to the transformative power of Microsoft Dynamics 365 in optimizing complex sales processes. BSI’s journey exemplifies how a finely tailored CRM solution can elevate sales operations, empowering teams to navigate the multifaceted sales landscape with ease. Microsoft Dynamics 365 has firmly established its worth as a pivotal tool for streamlining and enhancing sales processes, reaffirming its status as a catalyst for operational excellence within organizations. As BSI continues to spearhead innovation in biometric security, their strategic partnership with Dynamics 365 positions them for sustained growth and success in their mission to enhance security across diverse industries.



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