Efficiency and Excellence: CRL’s Dynamics 365 Transformation with enCloud9

by | Oct 29, 2023

Client Overview: In 2020, Clinical Reference Laboratory (CRL), headquartered in Lenexa, Kansas, made a strategic acquisition by purchasing Confirm BioSciences, a provider of health screening solutions. Recognized for their commitment to excellence, CRL aimed to streamline their new subsidiary’s operations.

The Challenge: ConfirmBio, now operating as CRL Government Services, used a CRM system designed for smaller businesses that no longer met their ambitious goals. They needed to replace this outdated CRM system and turned to enCloud9 due to their past success in implementing CRM solutions.

Our Solution: An experienced enCloud9 expert led the project, collaborating closely with the Director of Sales, Sales Account Manager, and other team members. The project involved implementing Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement, focusing on optimizing processes for CRL Government Services. enCloud9 seamlessly migrated years of historical data to Dynamics 365 Sales and customized the platform to align with their unique sales processes.

Results Achieved: The initial project was completed swiftly within three months, showcasing enCloud9’s efficiency and expertise. Following its success, CRL Government Services expressed their intent to continue collaborating with enCloud9 and explore further product integration to enhance operations.

Conclusion: The success story of CRL Government Services’ partnership with enCloud9 highlights the transformative impact of technology and collaboration. It demonstrates how enCloud9’s expertise and customized solutions drive efficiency and productivity for organizations. The future holds exciting opportunities for continued growth and innovation in their ongoing partnership.

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