Client Overview: In 2020 enCloud9’s long term client Clinical Reference Laboratory, located in Lenexa, KS purchased Confirm BioSciences, a leading provider of comprehensive health screening tools and solutions.  Known for their commitment to excellence, they sought to streamline the operations of their new subsidiary.

The Challenge: ConfirmBio (now, known as CRL Government Services) used a CRM designed for businesses much smaller than their goals. IT no longer met their needs and needed to be replaced. CRL’ s previous experience working with enCloud9 to implement CRM solutions in other divisions had established enCloud9 as a trusted partner with a track record of effective and successful implementations. This history of professionalism and cost-effectiveness played a pivotal role in their decision to choose enCloud9.

Our Solution: Deborah Burgesser, a seasoned professional from enCloud9, led the project. The main client team included the Director of Sales, the Sales Account Manager and other members of the sales team. All parties collaborated closely throughout the project.

The project involved implementing Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement, focusing on optimizing business processes for Clinical Reference Laboratory – Government Services. enCloud9 migrated years of historical client data and activities to Dynamics 365 Sales and customized Dynamics 365 to meet their Sales processes.

Results Achieved: The initial project was completed within a swift timeframe of just three months. This speedy implementation showcased enCloud9’s efficiency and expertise in delivering tailored solutions. Upon completion, Clinical Reference Laboratory – Government Services expressed their intention to continue working with enCloud9. The future holds potential for further integration of products to enhance their operations even further.

Conclusion: The success story of Clinical Reference Laboratory – Government Services’ partnership with enCloud9 exemplifies the transformative power of Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement and the value of choosing a knowledgeable and experienced consultant. By streamlining their operations, Clinical Reference Laboratory – Government Services is poised for continued growth and excellence in the years to come. This collaboration stands as a testament to enCloud9’s commitment to delivering impactful solutions to their clients.