How ClickDimensions PowerPack Helps SMBs Drive Higher Win Rates

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Are you a small or medium-sized business struggling to remain competitive in an increasingly competitive market?

ClickDimensions PowerPack enables SMBs to improve the efficiency of both Sales and Marketing efforts, improve conversions and win rates – as well as enable your business to transform and automate marketing processes. 

If some of these questions sound familiar, then perhaps ClickDimensions PowerPack is right for your business:

  • Are you struggling to obtain the funds for costly CRMs and Marketing Automation solutions?
  • Are you finding that you don’t have the necessary marketing skills or staff?
  • Are you feeling overextended trying to do both Sales and Marketing?
  • Would you like to see your salespeople spend more time selling?
  • Are you unsure of how to convert leads into revenue?
  • Do you want your business to have streamlined and standardized processes?

Read on to learn more about the ClickDimensions PowerPack…


What is ClickDimensions PowerPack?

Marketing automation innovator ClickDimensions has recently launched PowerPack, a cost-effective solution designed to empower Microsoft-centric SMBs to upgrade their traditional Sales and Marketing approach to stay competitive in the ever-changing business landscape. 

PowerPack combines the three most critical Sales and Marketing solutions to help SMBs succeed like never before: marketing automation, CRM, and sales engagement. PowerPack was designed to address the transformative changes in today’s buying process and also to leverage the Microsoft Power Platform.

PowerPack introduces simple Account-Based Sales & Marketing with a streamlined approach that will revolutionize how small and medium-sized businesses engage with buyers. and to deliver more effective outcomes.

Challenges SMBs face and how ClickDimensions PowerPack addresses and solves these issues.

The PowerPack solution was tailored for and is focused on small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs). ClickDimensions realizes that SMBs want to play like the big guys by competing with them in the market. Some of the most common challenges SMBs face are:

Budget Limitations

Many SMBs have limited funds, when it comes to modernizing their sales and marketing. There is usually a high cost associated with many CRMs and business software. ClickDimensions PowerPack is a cost-effective way for SMBs to implement marketing automation, CRM, and Sales Engagement.

ClickDimensions CRM, exclusive to PowerPack, was built specifically for SMBs in order to help them implement industry best practices.

Many small businesses struggle to build qualified pipeline and close business using outdated  Sales and Marketing methodologies. The PowerPack is the most affordable way for SMBs to deploy top-notch sales and marketing solutions. And since the ClickDimensions PowerPack is built on the Microsoft Power Platform, there is a native integration with your MS stack. That means that you can use other productivity tools like Word, Excel and Teams. You can even track your emails from Outlook to the PowerPack.

Lack of clear process for converting leads

ClickDimensions  PowerPack allows B2B SMBs to have a more efficient, coordinated sales and marketing process that drives higher lead conversion rates and win rates built on Power Platform. PowerPack includes Account, opportunity, and contact entities – making it easy to implement the Simple account-based Sales and Marketing framework.

Non-integrated Sales and Marketing Automation solutions can lead to poor coordination and sub-par results. Connected Sales and Marketing systems create clear handoffs and next steps of action. According to Harvard Business Review, “Companies with aligned Sales and Marketing teams generate 208% more revenue from marketing efforts.”

Time restraints

ClickDimensions PowerPack combines the 3 most critical Sales and Marketing Automation solutions into one single integrated platform, making the process faster, easier, and more efficient for SMBs. 

A combined solution of Sales and Marketing can help both teams with pre-defined automations, making sure time and efforts are not wasted.

Sounds great already, right? To learn more or to book a demo with our team of experts at enCloud9, contact us today.

Benefits of ClickDimensions PowerPack

SMBs will experience a number of benefits when using the ClickDimensions PowerPack. Some of these include:

  • Higher conversion and win rates
  • Increased Revenue
  • Increased efficiency – allowing you to get more done
  • Save time
  • Low Cost- modernize Sales and Marketing at a low cost
  • Easy to get started

To see a live demo of ClickDimensions PowerPack, watch our [Webinar] The Key to Solving Sales and Marketing Challenges for SMBs.

This sounds great! How do I get started?

ClickDimensions PowerPack offers a one-stop solution that’s not just convenient but also cost-effective. For just $1099 per month, you get unlimited access to essential core solutions built specifically for B2B SMBs, including CRM, Marketing Automation, and Sales Engagement.

Don’t let subpar technology be a barrier to your success. Isn’t it time you leveraged technology to its fullest potential?

👉 Are you ready to transform the way you work and skyrocket your business performance?

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