Dynamics 365 Sales Project Milestones

by | May 3, 2022 | Dynamics 365 implementation

What are project milestones?

Project milestones are checkpoints that highlight the successful completion of major tasks or events within your project.

Why are project milestones helpful?

There are many reasons project milestones are important.

Project milestones help:

  • Break the project down into manageable sections and help everyone to feel less overwhelmed
  • Teams stay focused on critical tasks that need to be completed, as well as the overall goal
  • Make sure important KPIs are being met
  • Spot potential bottlenecks
  • Monitor overall progress
  • Identify when the project will be completed

7 Dynamics 365 Sales project milestones

1. Determine Project Goals

  • Review divisional sales processes
  • Determine weaknesses and strengths
  • Envision future state

2. Discovery sessions

  • Development process is driven by your selected partner
  • Clients participate in weekly project review meetings

3. Development

  • Shortly before Go-Live, end users participate in focused training sessions
  • Training recordings made available for future review

4. Testing

  • Upon completion of development phase, SMEs review Dynamics 365 environment and test functionality
  • Feedback delivered to partner for updates

5. End User Training

  • Shortly before Go-Live, end users participate in focused training sessions
  • Training recordings made available for future review

6. Go-Live

  • Cutover to Dynamics 365
  • Integrate with other applications

7. Post Go-Live

  • Quick fixes to improve implementation
  • Plan for future stage

In conclusion

Remember that milestones are key events that define the success of your project. Milestones help you not only to track the progress of your project, but to stay focused on your overall goals.

However, to make the most of your milestones, your project needs to be well, planned, organized, and well structured.

Many CRM implementation projects fail, not because the solution is a failure – but for lack of proper planning. With a little proper planning, you can ensure a successful Dynamics 365 implementation.

Having a well-organized deployment plan increases the odds for success by 90%.

For further reading, visit our recent blog titled 6 Keys to a Successful CRM Implementation.

How can we help?

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