2021 ClickDimensions Product Roadmap Previews Features

by | Feb 25, 2021 | ClickDimensions

Sneak Peek of the 2021 ClickDimensions Product Roadmap

The ClickDimensions product roadmap was revealed to partners and users during a webinar broadcast February 11, 2021.  Dale Price, Director of Product Management at ClickDimensions, unveiled a sneak peak of exciting new features. Many customers have requested a deeper link to Dynamics 365. As always, ClickDimensions continues to deepen the level of integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365 and other technologies.

One of the new features that we are very excited about at enCloud9 is the integration between ClickDimensions and Microsoft Teams Live Events. We recently switched over to hosting our webinars in Microsoft Teams using Microsoft Live events, but some functionalities that we had previously in our webinar hosting platform were missing. It will be nice to have some of these features back!

Also announced was marketing goals, which is the ability for a marketer to choose some key metrics and attributes of information about automation and have them noted and associated to the campaign. They can then return to it later to see if the automation is on target to hit the predetermined goals.

Highlights of the February 2021 ClickDimensions Product Update

ClickDimensions Product Roadmap | enCloud9

Enhancements to Campaign Automation

There are a number of usability enhancements in the area of Campaign Automation. We will see deeper search campaign automation capabilities. Our favorite new feature revealed in the ClickDimensions product roadmap in the campaign automation builder is the ability to check the automation at any stage while building it instead of waiting for feedback at publishing time.

ClickDimensions Product Update | enCloud9

A much requested feature is adjustable column width. This will provide more flexibility on the different forms and controls.

ClickDimensions Product Update | enCloud9

Online surveys was first released in the Fall of 2020. Enhanced reporting capabilities have been added in the current product release. The ability to export online survey answers to an Excel spreadsheet will make it easier to view, sort, and filter your data for your analysis.

ClickDimensions Product Update | enCloud9

There has also been more content added to the participants tab.

ClickDimensions Product Update | enCloud9

At a demo of ClickDimensions Marketing Automation that enCloud9 presented at Microsoft Marketing SureStep hours, one of the attendees referred to what they were seeing as “jaw dropping.”  Click here to view the demo of ClickDimensions Marketing Automation. To learn more about the Power of ClickDimensions Campaign Automations, visit our blog.

Good New to users of the ClickDimensions Social Marketing

Many of the enhancements to ClickDimensions Social Marketing center around a deeper integration with Dynamics 365. As users of ClickDimensions Social Marketing, we are extremely happy to see the improvements here. To read more about how you can Maximize Your Social ROI with ClickDimensions Social Engagement tool, visit our blog.

It will be much more convenient to be able to navigate to Social Marketing from Dynamics 365. Previously users of Social Marketing had to sign into a separate website.

ClickDimensions Product Update | enCloud9

Being able to see scheduled posts in Dynamics 365 and in the marketing calendar allows all members of your team access to view posts that are scheduled. I believe this will make collaboration easier.

ClickDimensions Product Update | enCloud9

With the addition of more columns for active social posts, users will see a richer set of information displayed in their CRM.

ClickDimensions Product Update | enCloud9

Previously, it was possible to clone a social post for use on other networks, but it had to be done through copy and paste. Obviously, the addition of a clone button will make this process much easier and quicker.

ClickDimensions Product Update | enCloud9


A brand new landing page builder

Noam Mahler, Sr. Project Manager, led us in a demo of the new landing page builder. Noam showed us just how easy and quick it is to create a landing page using the new builder. There is a lot of new functionality here including company branding and enhanced ability to embed video and other components into landing pages. and the new builder is “very competitive, in terms of what is has to offer marketers.” A very convenient feature of the new builder is that for customers will be able to embed existing content. Forms, Surveys, or images from your Image Manager can easily be dragged into your landing page.

Landing Page Editor

The new landing page builder will be released in a Beta Version by the end of March.  It will continue to be enhanced and improved over the next release cycle. The old landing page builder will eventually be deprecated (no longer available) with a tentative date of June 2021.

What’s going away?

As new features are added and technology moves forward, ClickDimensions needs to keep up with the times and to clear away some of the clutter in the user interface. Therefore a number of features are being deprecated from the application. This includes removing older email editors (Custom HTML and Freestyle) , older landing page and survey editors, as well as security updates – including no longer supporting Internet Explorer, TLS 1.0 and 1.1, and most importantly ClickDimensions will no longer support Dynamics CRM 2011.

How Can We Help?

ClickDimensions is the marketing automation tool of choice for us here at enCloud9 because of its tight integration with Dynamics 365.  We can automate our emails and create marketing lists all within Dynamics 365. ClickDimensions is the top-rated marketing automation solution for Microsoft Dynamics 365 – and with good reason. We have been using and selling the ClickDimensions Marketing Automation solution for over fifteen years. If you have any questions on ClickDimensions or would like to see a tailored demo, contact a marketing automation expert at enCloud9 today. For a plethora of great information and resources, visit the ClickDimensions website or the enCloud9 resources page.

We were also informed that the ClickDimensions Marketing with Dynamics 365 Idea eBook is now available. The eBook is about How to Transform Your Marketing in an All-Digital World. Don’t miss out on this go-to marketing resource for Microsoft Dynamics marketers. This eBook is chockfull of great digital marketing strategies!



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