A Basic Sales Training Outline for Dynamics 365 Sales

by | Jul 5, 2021 | Digital Transformation, Sales Hub

I was looking out on the Microsoft Community site the other day and a question was asked about training docs for Dynamics 365 Sales. I put together the following outline and over the next few moths I plan on expanding to a fully annotated document with links to videos and how-to articles.

In the meantime the basic sales training outline below gives a quick summary of all of the skills that enCloud9 consultants teach to our new clients as part of sales team onboarding. We break up our training into two 2-3 hour sessions and of course we customize it for each clients needs. Some companies might not need training on mobile, while other clients need to include training on custom entities or business process that we have developed as part of our implementation project.

  • Navigation
    • Accessing the Sales App
    • Explain the site map (Left hand navigation)
    • Differences between views and forms
    • Switching between Views
    • Filtering in Views 
    • Global Search
    • Top Right corner navigation
      • Quick Create forms
      • Advanced Find (clients always find this extremely valuable
        • Train them on creating/saving personal views
        •  Export to Excel
    • Personal Options
      • Time Zone
      • Currency
      • email signature
      • email templates
      • Email tracking options
    • Help (Microsoft Docs)
  • Forms
    • Basic form structure
    • Tab Navigation
    • Finding related records
    • Using the timeline
      • Creating Activities (Appointments, Tasks, emails)
  • Lead to Opportunity Process
  • Business Process Flows in leads and Opportunities
  • Dashboards
    • How BPF in Opportunities affect the sales pipeline
  • Outlook Integration
    • Tracking emails
    • Creating leads and contacts from emails
    • Scanning Business Cards
  • Teams Integration
    • Document Management
  • Mobile D365

What are your thoughts? Have we missed anything? Let us know your thoughts. We offer training to new users and refreshing experienced team members as part of our monthly subscription based support packages.


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