Configuring Personal Settings in Dynamics 365 Sales

by | Jun 14, 2024 | Dynamics 365 Sales, How to, Microsoft Dynamics 365

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales is a powerful tool that helps organizations manage customer relationships and streamline sales processes. While its robust features and capabilities can drive sales productivity, individual users can enhance their experience by configuring personal settings. Customizing these settings ensures that the interface, notifications, and other functionalities align with personal preferences and work habits, leading to a more efficient and personalized user experience.

Accessing Personal Settings

To begin configuring personal settings in Dynamics 365 Sales, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to Settings: Click on the gear icon located in the top right corner of the Dynamics 365 Sales interface.
  2. Select Personalization Settings: From the dropdown menu, choose “Personalization Settings.” This will open the Personal Options dialog box, where various tabs allow for detailed customization.

Click here to view a live demo of the Top Personal Settings to Optimize in Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Key Personal Settings to Configure

1. General Tab

The General tab includes basic settings that affect how Dynamics 365 Sales appears and functions for the user.

  • Time Zone: Ensure your time zone is set correctly to display accurate date and time information.
  • Language: Choose the preferred language for the interface.
  • Startup: Set the default pane and tab to open when Dynamics 365 Sales starts. This can be particularly useful for quickly accessing the most frequently used features.

Learn more about general settings on Microsoft Learn.


2. Email Tab

This tab allows users to manage email settings, crucial for seamless communication with clients and colleagues.

  • Email Templates: Customize email templates to streamline the process of sending common messages.
  • Email Signature: Create a personal email signature to add a professional touch to your communications.
  • Email Tracking: Configure email tracking settings to automatically track emails sent from Dynamics 365 Sales.

Find detailed information on configuring email settings on Microsoft Learn.

3. Formats Tab

The Formats tab allows customization of how numbers, dates, times, and currencies are displayed.

  • Currency: Select the default currency for transactions.
  • Date and Time Format: Choose preferred formats for displaying dates and times to ensure they align with regional standards or personal preferences.

Explore format settings in more detail on Microsoft Learn.

4. Activities Tab

Settings related to activities, such as tasks, appointments, and phone calls, can be configured here.

  • Default Activity View: Choose the default view for activities, such as a list view or calendar view.
  • Reminder Alerts: Set preferences for how and when reminder alerts for activities are displayed.

For more information on activity settings, visit Microsoft Learn.

5. Privacy Settings

Manage how data is shared and tracked within Dynamics 365 Sales.

  • Microsoft Products and Services: Opt in or out of sharing data with Microsoft to improve products and services.
  • Error Notifications: Decide whether to send error notifications to Microsoft to help improve the product.

Learn more about privacy settings on Microsoft Learn.

Advanced Configurations

For users with specific needs, advanced configurations are available:

  • Personal Dashboards: Customize dashboards to display key metrics and information at a glance.
  • Views and Filters: Create and save custom views and filters to quickly access relevant records.
  • Form Customization: Personalize forms to display fields and sections that are most pertinent to your workflow.


Configuring personal settings in Dynamics 365 Sales can significantly enhance your productivity and overall user experience. By tailoring the interface and functionalities to your preferences, you can work more efficiently and effectively. Take the time to explore and adjust these settings to create a more personalized and optimized work environment. For more detailed instructions, visit the Microsoft Learn guide on personal settings.

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