Dynamics 365 Rescue and Repair

Sometimes a fresh perspective is what you need

How to know if you need a Dynamics 365 rescue

There are many signs that you need a Dynamics 365 Rescue and Repair.

After using Dynamics CRM or Dynamics 365 for several years you might notice that what was once a valuable system, provinding important data about upcoming sales, customer support trends or marketing data seems to not be fulfilling its old potential. It might be that your business process have changed, so your sales workflow does not align with your reality. It might be that you have way too many duplicates. It might be that you are stuck on an old version of Dynamics CRM – CRM 2011 for example, and you dont know what the first steps are.

Dynamics 365 Rescue and Repair from enCloud9 is a process we have deployed to help CRM users get the most out of their existing Dynamics CRM and 365 system. Our process is straighforward – We learn about your business, how you use Dynamics CRM or 365 today, and what you see as the shortfalls that need to be addressed. We will usually demo a plain vanilla or lightly customized Dynamics 365 system as we have found that many times, CRM users may not know of the many improvements and features added to Dynamics 365 over the years. Seeing Dynamics 365 with the fresh eyes of a clean system usually triggers new ideas and new ways to bring processes into Dynamics 365.

Dynamics 365 Rescue

We think of a rescue as stepping onto an existing CRM system that is just not working. Sales teams are bypassing entering leads and opportunities, management is not enforcing sales processes. Management might even be looking into replacing Dynamics 365 with another CRM system. A Rescue Plan from enCloud9 looks at what works and can be saved, but also what needs to be done to re-energize the system. Perhaps gamification? How about training new users? Or integrating data from your website into CRM. Talk to us and we will deliver a tactical rescue plan that promises a quick return on your investment.


Repair is different from rescue in that Dynamics 365 is working and is being actively used, but something is just not right. Maybe the system dashboards are not giving you the information you need, Duplicate records are clogging the system or your sales process is not matching how your sales team engages with prospective Customers. Usually these repairs are quick and painless and can result in a high return on intvestment. Contact us today to let us know what repairs you might need, our analysis will usually be at no charge.

When your Dynamics 365 doesn’t seem to be meeting your needs, you might think the best step is the scrap Dynamics 365 and start over. Before you look at other solutions, think about a CRM Rescue and Repair. It might be all you need are a few adjustments. In our blog titled 13 Signs That Your CRM Sucks, we’ve compiled a list of some of the worst problems that we’ve fixed for our clients. To determine if your CRM is in need of a rescue or repair, visit our blog.