Are You Getting the Most Out of Your Marketing Automation Tool?

Marketing Automation is not a new concept to the business world. Top sales execs have been using marketing automation tools for years to measure a prospect’s activity (see which leads are the most engaged), identify when a lead meets “buyer-readiness conditions,” and pass that lead on to sales as soon as a hot prospect is ready to be contacted. Marketing Automation can be a great way to provide timely content, create real-time alerts, and shorten the sales cycle. As the year comes to an end, do an evaluation of your marketing automation processes. Marketing Automation can be a huge blessing to sales teams, but are you using this great asset to its full advantage? Are you closing more deals as a result? Are you seeing a higher ROI?  We have compiled a short checklist for you to use as you review your Marketing Automation procedures and decide your plan of action for next year.

Are You Using All The Features Available?

Marketing Automation Suites can be a great tool for salespeople or your marketing team to use, but if you are not using ALL the features available- you are not leveraging it to its full potential. Most people just find a few functions they really like and give them fairly good results, but just think about if you were using all the features or tools at your disposal? You would truly unleash the power of automation! Why would you pay for something and not use all the functionalities? Or a more important question is why are you not using everything in your power? Wo doesn’t want to make more money? When there are some simple things you can do to convert more customers, why wouldn’t you?

Automate Your Sales Prospecting Emails

It is more time efficient to automate your prospecting emails than to keep spreadsheets with the dates and times you emailed people. Automating your emails allows you to reach more people in less tim, which in turn means more prospective clients and an increased revenue. Modern reps send the 1st email, then let marketing automation follow up with targeted, personalized, sales-orientated e-mails. Your marketing automation can be set to wait a certain amount of time, insert names of people or companies, and send/not send on certain days, etc… So sending 1 email is really like sending 5.

Top-Rated Marketing Solution

ClickDimensions is the marketing automation tool of choice for us here at enCloud9.  Its easy integration with Dynamics 365 just makes sense to us.  We can automate our emails and create marketing lists all within our CRM. ClickDimensions is the top-rated marketing automation solution for Microsoft Dynamics 365- and with good reason. This complete Marketing Automation Solution tightly integrates with Dynamics 365. Your Marketing team and sales team will be able to do all of their work within the same CRM application as the sales team. A few of the features of ClickDimensions include

  • Email Campaigns and Templates
  • Campaign Automation
  • Web Analytics
  • Surveys
  • Event Management
  • SMS Marketing
  • And More

If you’re interested in reading more about marketing automation, why it is an essential business tool, how marketers can convince their decision-makers to invest in marketing automation, how to choose a marketing automation system, and much more, be sure to download the ClickDimensions eBook, The Marketing Automation Field Guide: Getting Started with Marketing Automation for Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

In ClickDimension’s 3 Tips for Marketing Automation Implementation, a good start to using a marketing automation system is compared to starting the day with a good breakfast. This article gives some great tips to be cognizant of. Another great article I recently read from ClickDimensions is 9 Ways to Use Marketing Automation Beyond Email. Discussed in this article is while email marketing is an important component of a marketing automation solution, these powerful platforms go well beyond email marketing This article gives you some great ways you can use marketing automation beyond email marketing


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enCloud9 | Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM Consultants Close More Deals With Marketing Automation ClickDimensions Digital Transformation Dynamics 365 Add-Ons Dynamics 365 CRM for Vertical Markets Microsoft Dynamics 365

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