Wouldn’t having a 360-degree view of your customers be helpful? With Customer Insights in Dynamics 365, you can! With the release of Dynamics 365, came many great new features and add-ons.  The one we will focus on today is Customer Insights. Customer Insights transforms your data and drives engagement through a series of intelligent insights and analytics.

How does Customer Insights help?

Along with smarter insights comes a boost in your productivity. With Customer Insights, you can provide outstanding customer service.

Customer Insights allows you to-

  • Create visualizations of a client’s engagement and journey.
  • Gain a superior understanding of your clients (thus allowing for better engagement).
  • Monitor and strengthen relationships with customers (thus enabling you to catch potential problems early on and give them your full attention).
  • Target audience and spot opportunities you may have otherwise missed.

A Closer Look

Let’s take a look at some of the features in Customer Insights and specifically what they do.

  • Lead Score– allows users to categorize the importance of each lead so that you can decide where to put the most effort.
  • Interaction Time Line– records all interactions with a client throughout the whole process. Customer Insights can also calculate and suggest when the next communication should take place.
  • Suggested Next Step– is just what it sounds like.  It suggests the route you want to take in your next communication. There may be an opportunity for cross selling, upselling, etc.
  • Channel Prosperity by Time– is probably one of the most valuable features of all.  It tracks the channels most used by customers and informs you of the channel that might be the most successful in which to communicate.
  • Customer Revenue– will provide you with a breakdown of income.

If you would like to see a Customer Insights Demo- watch the video below.


The interactions modeled and profiles determine the pricing. Included in the pricing is all storage, compute and hosting for applications housing this data. For more information about pricing and getting started click here.


How Can We Help?

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