Why is Providing Great Customer Service So Important?

Do you want your company to be known for providing excellent customer service?  It seems like a simple thing or common sense, but it is something you really have to work at. You can have the best service or product out there, but if your customer service is lacking, you won’t close the deal. Here are some strategies that you can use to ensure you are providing great customer service.

6 Strategies for Great Customer Service

1. Listen: Everyone wants to be heard.  Imagine everyone with an imaginary sign around their necks saying “I want to be heard.” Although being a good listener is the #1 rule of good customer service, equally as important is being responsive. Think about what your customer, thinks, feels, and wants. What can you do to make it better? What can you do to ensure your customer has a great experience and goes away happy?

2. Check in with customers OFTEN: Check in with your customers to make sure they are happy with the product and the customer service you are providing and make specific changes where necessary. Ask for feedback and be responsive.  Every customer just wants to feel their opinions and wants matter. Nothing can be more frustrating than the feeling that you are not being heard or that your input doesn’t matter. Actually, I just bought some new kitchen appliances the other day.  The salesperson not only gave me her business card, but also told me to call with any issues or questions I may have in the future. Another example of this I recently encountered is that I opened a technical case regarding an issue I was having.  The technician followed up with me in a few days to make sure everything was working alright for me. These are the kinds of things that set you apart from your competitors.

3. Remember THE CUSTOMER IS ALWAYS RIGHT:  This phrase was first coined by successful retailers, with the idea that customer complaints and feedback should be treated seriously so that they do not feel cheated or deceived. Do whatever you can to ensure that the customer leaves you happy. The result might be a return sale or a referral. A good salesperson can sell anything, but it’s all about sending the customer away happy, so they might want to do business with you in the future or refer their friends.

4. Be courteous and show respect: It is important you keep this in mind ALWAYS, but you must also train your employees of the expectations and standards you want to maintain in this area. You want your company to develop a reputation for providing exceptional customer service.

5. Be a REAL PERSON: People want to do business with a PERSON, not a COMPANY. Be friendly and personable at all times. You need to do what you can to make YOUR company stand out!

6. Know your product or service inside and out: It is vital to know your product or service well and make sure all your employees do to0. Obviously, people want to do business with someone that is knowledgeable or comes across as an expert.

In conclusion

There are a lot of businesses out there doing the exact same thing you are. You want to make yourself stand out so that people are more likely to want to do repeat business with you and refer you to others. Providing great customer service is an easy thing you can do.  It’s not difficult, but there are some important things to keep in mind. Microsoft Dynamics CRM helps you to accomplish all the things we’ve mentioned in this article. I think the biggest way Microsoft Dynamics 365 can help in regards to customer service is in the follow up. Interactions with customers, recommended actions, and general notes can be documented in Dynamics 365 and your whole team can see it.  You can also set reminders to follow up with a certain lead, opportunity, or client. In this way, Dynamics 365 provides you with a 360 view of your client.  Watch the short video below about how Microsoft Dynamics 365 enables you to provide your clients with the seamless customer service they expect.

To learn more about Dynamics 365 for customer service view the user guide.

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