Why do we Blog? It is a basic question, with two simple answers. One, some blog because they just plain like to. They don’t care about how many people see it, share it or what reaction is causes in the reader. The other side, my side, is to share information that I believe is useful and attract like-minded people.

If you are like me, then we need to answer the next question; what bring people to my blog? As I was reading another Blog, “The One Big Reason Some Blogs Succeed, While Others Crash and Burn” by Chuck Sambuchino, I was finding myself nodding my head in agreement with the following statement. The first websites you visit upon waking in the morning are your email account and Facebook. Sambuchino goes on to say this is because these websites have provided you value.  Yes, value. Most people feel they are missing out or going to miss out on something if they have not visited these sites daily. This is what we need to do with our Blogs. We need to provide critical, crucial, valuable information to our readers, so they too feel they are missing out if they have not read todays entry. We need to provide an incentive.

What is the greatest incentive I can offer you? Before I answer that one, how about you answer this one; why are you reading this Blog? The answers are one in the same…information! You thought you could gain knowledge in a particular field by reading and my intent was to provide you information on a particular topic.

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A Final Thought

The last point I want to make is this, most Bloggers realize it is not entirely about the content of your Blog, it is also about the promotion of it. Nowadays with readers being ambushed by the big sites like Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin, it takes a lot more “stir” if you will to get a Blog in front of their face. The good news is, it is totally possible.  You can do this on your own or there are dozens of companies out there that will even do it for you.

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