The innovation engine within Microsoft pushes ahead with a new offering – Sway.

Currently available by preview invitation only, Sway allows users to effortlessly create elegant content.  Sort of a mashup between a browser, a Wiki, Word and PowerPoint, Sway allows content creators to bring together words, images and videos to present compelling content that appears consistent across multiple formats. Sway exists in the cloud and takes advantage of OneDrive and Office 365 apps.

Placing content in your Sway is a simple drag and drop and built in internet and You Tube search allows you to find new ideas. All of these different types of content can be mashed up into a single Sway. Formats and image sizes can be determine by you as you edit, or you can rely on Sway’s intelligent design choices to help you out.  For example, rating a picture from 1 to 3 stars helps to determine the final size of the image in your Sway. The Sway is then available on the internet, shareable with the world or just your group, and looks as good on a mobile phone as on your 28 inch Samsung screen.

For a beta product, Sway seems quite polished. While design choices are currently limited, we can expect those to increase as final release date approaches.

Ideas for Sway

The videos available on present some compelling use cases.  A child’s school report, a design project for fashion industry and  other ideas.  But we see other uses for Sway. By combining video, images and text into a single interactive document presentable on multiple platforms, we can see using this for client presentations, project documentation, and training guides. We are already building web content for CRM 2015 using Sway for both internal and external consumption and are looking towards other innovative uses. What are your ideas?

How to get Sway

You can request your invite at You may have to wait for a short time as invites are sent out in batches.

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