When you start your day and you open Dynamics 365 CRM what is the first thing that you want to see? Is it a list of your open leads? the Phone calls that you need to make? Or how about a dashboard showing what opportunities were closed by your sales team in the past 24 hours? Your CRM home page should energize you and inspire you to get started and grab the day.

Now if your CRM Home page does not inspire you, what should you do?  Well, you should set it to the area in CRM that is most important to you. For example, maybe you want to look at your opportunities. Here is what you do.

Go to your personal settings by clicking on the gear in the upper right corner of the CRM screen. Choose Options. When the Set Personal Options screen opens, the first choice is to set the default Pane and Default Tab. Set the Default Pane to Sales, and the Default Tab to Opportunities.

Refresh CRM and you should start CRM at the Opportunities view.

Now let’s say that the Opportunities view you see doesn’t meet your needs – perhaps the view is All Opportunities and you want to see My Open Opportunities. Well, you can change this setting easily by just changing to the selected view and clicking on the thumbtack icon next to the view name. This will set the selected view as your default view for this entity. In a future blog entry, we will discuss how to create a personal view with the columns and sort order that meets your needs.

You can also choose to open to a Dashboard from Set Personal Options, just choose Dashboard as the Default Tab. You can also personalize the default dashboard you see by using the same thumbtack tip discussed above.

OK – Your CRM home page is set – What Next?

So that’s a pretty simple way to personalize Dynamics 365 CRM to make using CRM simpler. For more tips, please subscribe to our blog. To discuss how enCloud9 can make CRM better for you and your users, please contact us at 402-235-8540 or fill out our webform. We look forward to hearing from you!