If you don’t closely pay attention to Microsoft you might not realize how agile they are with Office 365. Not a month goes by without some surprise out of Redmond and the last month has seen no shortage of news.

Unlimited Data Storage

Aiming to make Cloud Storage the default location, Microsoft announced that data limits on One Drive will be erased from both enterprise and personal Office 365 accounts. This will transition to users over the next few months. What does that mean vs the completion? Well, the cost of an Office 365 subscription is less than 50% of the cost of a Google Drive 1 TB subscription, but Office 365 adds all of the familiar Office 365 apps.


Integration with DropBox

November 4 saw updates to iOs office apps to work with DropBox’s cloud security. Desktop apps should see updates over the next few months.


Office 365 goes free on iOS tablets and phones

Consumer users can now download updated apps for Excel and Word to allow for basic editing of documents.  Advanced editing or commercial use still requires an Office 365 license.

Also, the user experience on iphones has been greatly enhanced.


Bye Bye Lync

My favorite unsung Office app is Lync.  I also use Skype for telephony.  So today’s announcement that Microsoft will be rebranding Lync to Skype for Business came as welcome news.  This rebranding should be a net positive for Microsoft as Skype has a much wider brand recognition.  I only hope that this signals an upcoming integration of business class VOIP with Skype.  No clear messaging on that today, but there have been hints in the past.



The final bit of news relates to a soon to be available new feature for Outlook to streamline and automate email processing. Still in the experimental phase but relased to early adopters, Clutter learns from your behaviors to try to keep only the most relevant emails in your inbox, relegating those it deems less importan to a CLutter folder.  The video below offers a more detailed explanation so look for yourself

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uML5kmH5DYE]

That’s a lot of exciting Office 365 news, and all of it has been announced in the past month.  I’m certain at this time next month all sorts of new changes will be announced.