“Mobile without cloud is limiting. The cloud without mobile is mostly latent potential. But the place where they meet is magic.” – Satya Nadella, Microsoft CEO March 27, 2014

Moving to the cloud can be scary, but you know that is where technology is going and it might be about time to test the water. If your company is starting to become mobile, collaboration is more vital than ever before. Microsoft Office 365 was made for mobile collaboration with One Note, Skype for Business, and OneDrive as well as all of the programs that you’re already familiar with such as Word and Excel.

Imagine working on a spreadsheet in Microsoft Excel and saving it to OneDrive. You can then email a link to the document to your team for revision and review. Long gone are the days of emailing a document all over the company receiving 8 versions back and trying to figure out where the revisions are. One document, 8 reviewers is not only possible, but smart and simple.

If moving to the cloud is scary, then migrating your data might seem TERRIFYING. It certainly can be if you’re doing it on your own, however if you consider leaving it to the experts at enCloud9, we can take 40 hours of work and whittle it down to 10 hours or less. We’re consultants who specialize in SERVICE. This particular service is taking something yucky, and handling it for you.

I have a lawn service come every six weeks to manage my fertilizing, weeding, feeding etc. Why? Because I don’t have the slightest idea what I’m doing and know that there are experts who dedicate their careers to creating the perfect lawn. That’s what enCloud9 does for Microsoft Office 365 and data migration. Let us create your perfect cloud migration.

Collaboration is key in the mobile world, Skype for Business is the key to collaboration!

This little icon tells you that you’re connected with your team, almost as if you were back in the cube farm and could peek over the wall. Instantly send questions, comments and pictures via IM. Share your screen to present and idea or problem, hand over control of your screen, or take control of the screen of someone else. It’s real live – real time collaboration and can create a seamless environment of productivity and cohesion.

No one loves meetings, but if you can squeeze a little more productivity out of a meeting in the cloud – you just might find yourself in fewer meetings. Using Skype for Business and Microsoft One Note, you can discuss via video or audio while sharing a specific project notebook. Since different types of people get different things out of meetings based on their expertise, the Sales and Marketing team can add notes to the same notebook as the Tech, Project Management and Purchasing teams. Can you imagine the 360 degree  perspective from those notes? This collaborative team perspective could also mitigate interdepartmental tension. Sales will always try to oversell, that’s what they’re supposed to do, but when they’re able to collaborate with production team – a more realistic solution can be crafted between the teams.

That’s cloud collaboration.

Come to the cloud and let us help get you there.