For those who follow Microsoft, you have to give them their props for making sure that it is easy to keep up with not only the latest information but also to keep system administrators, decision makers and end users aware of upcoming features. They recently released a Windows Roadmap for Business that details plans for the near future as well as items that have been cancelled or delayed.

Looking at the roadmap this morning while dinking my first cup of coffee I read about recently released technology including BitLocker for disk encryption and Device Guard and Credential Guard. These last two technologies protect you from both malware attacks and unauthorized access to your devices.

Upcoming items include extensions to the Microsoft Edge browser as well as improvements to Windows Ink and Cortana experiences. One of the more intriguing items is  upcoming support for what Microsoft calls “Laptop-like accessory support” This sounds like an accessory or your Windows Phone which will allow you to use Continuum on the phone but work in a laptop form actor.

In addition to recent updates and in-development changes the roadmap has a section for cancelled and archived projects. Both of these lists are empty now and lets hope that it stays that way!

Information is key to making decisions and with this newly released roadmap, Microsoft is doing its part to ensure that its customers and parts stay informed.