While we have known for a few weeks that Microsoft Dynamics Marketing (MDM) is not long for the world, Microsoft has been very vague about details on its replacement. Microsoft Dynamics Marketing was acquired several years ago as a product called Marketing Pilot. After substantial reworking, it was added to the Dynamics CRM Family as Microsoft Dynamics Marketing.  However, the product never took off as it did not have the simplicity of ISV products like ClickDimensions which has gone on to be the default marketing automation for Dynamics CRM. ClickDimensions was integrated directly with the Dynamics CRM application, while Dynamics Marketing was a stand alone application that had the look and feel of Dynamics CRM, but only integrated with CRM.

Sales of Dynamics Marketing will cease on October 31, 2016 and existing users will be able to renew their subscriptions  for up to 3 years if on an EA. Microsoft emailed existing customers yesterday to inform them about the end of Dynamics Marketing – and this email leaked a few details about the features that customers should expect to see in the Dynamics 365 Marketing App. Here is the most interesting snippet of information in the email:

Microsoft is planning to release a new marketing app as part of the Dynamics 365, Business edition. This solution is planned for the Spring of 2017. Pricing and licensing details will be made available prior to release. The new Marketing application will include features and benefits that Dynamics Marketing customers will find very appealing including functionality to model and manage customer journeys across marketing and sales, lead management across marketing and sales, and sharing the same Dynamics 365 platform as the Sales app. Additionally, the Marketing app in the Spring 2017 release of Dynamics 365 for Marketing will include email marketing, event management and landing pages.

So, from the quote, we can see that Microsoft is committed to releasing the Dynamics 365 Marketing App sometime in Spring 2017. The few product details for Dynamics 365 Business subscribers include:

  • email marketing
  • event management
  • landing pages

Combine that with the existing CRM Marketing features – campaigns, marketing lists and surveys using Voice of the Customer and you have a nice little marketing automation system that will fit the needs of many small businesses. What is not discussed in the email is what Dynamics 365 Enterprise subscribers should expect. So far all we have heard for those users is that Adobe Marketing Cloud will be “the preferred marketing solution” We can expect more information to be released over the next few months to fill in the holes.