Good Morning.  Are you having a great holiday weekend so far?   Welcome to the fourth weekly edition of our daily roundups.  We have chosen some of the best and most popular news items from our daily updates.  Hope you enjoy them!

We hope you have a very relaxing and enjoyable long weekend!  Have a great Labor Day Holiday!

Dynamics 365

So, by now, I’m sure you know all about Microsoft’s new business application, Dynamics 365,  but when will it be launched?  Microsoft plans it’s public unveiling on Oct. 11, during the CRMUG Summit. 

Office 365

Microsoft’s diagram creator Visio  released their Visio Online preview for Office 365 First Release customers yesterday. The browser-based version of theprogram has many of the same features as the standard product.

Back in May, the future of SharePoint was discussed, but no specific dates were given, as to when certain features and capabilities would become available. Microsoft has now announced that  new capabilities in SharePoint Online will start rolling out next week.

Dynamics CRM

This article, also from the Microsoft Dynamics Community, examines the importance of visualizing your CRM, seeing your customers as “real people,” not just data on a spreadsheet.  Read this…only if you want to provide the best customer service possible.

What could be easier than having all of your information in your Microsoft Dynamics CRM database? How convenient and quick would it be to access it all within one place?

Other Cool Stuff

What could be better than a bonut???  What is a bonut, might you ask?  It is a donut made of biscuit dough.  Here, Alton Brown shows us how to make this delicacy.  Maybe you can make these for breakfast this weekend!

Want a “feel good” story that will restore your faith in humanity?  Read this story of an Olympian Athlete who sold his medal to help a three year old boy pay for his cancer treatment.