With every release of Dynamics CRM comes decisions about upgrade options. Usually within two months following the release date Microsoft begins the long process of updating CRM Online to the latest version. With the recent rebranding to Dynamics 365, administrators might think that the upgrade process is going to be more difficult than usual. However, a recent communication from Microsoft to its customers makes it appear that for the most part a Dynamics CRM to Dynamics 365 upgrade is going to be business as usual.

However, there are several points to be aware of while planning upgrades.


Scheduling your upgrade begins during December 2016 for upgrades scheduled between January 2016 through June 2017. Administrators will be notified by Microsoft to schedule and positively consent to the upgrade. If your organization has not yet been updated to Dynamics CRM 2016 Spring Update, the upgrade will be mandatory. All appointments for Dynamics 365 upgrades are on a first-come-first-serve basis.


Administrators with sandbox instances can test the upgrade process prior to upgrading the production instance. Proper testing of the Dynamics 365 upgrade in a sandbox environment can work out any issues with custom code including plug-ins and integrations with external systems. If you are working with a partner, now would be a good time to contact with them so that they can be involved int he process. Microsoft has been working with Dynamics CRM Partner  to ensure that they have all of the information required to ensure a smooth upgrade process.

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