Welcome to the enCloud9’s “Friday Five.”  We’ve chosen some of the most interesting blogs and news stories about Microsoft Dynamics from the past week that you may or may not have seen.  Our goal is to keep you informed on the latest Dynamics 365 news.  We hope you enjoy reading them.

LinkedIn Purchase and its impact

Reseller News discusses the impact of  Microsoft’s recently closed $26B purchase of LinkedIn means to VARs, customers, and the competition. With the closure of the LinkedIn deal, a 5 year journey now begins for Microsoft. Microsoft CEO, Satya Nadella states that Microsoft’s top priority is to “accelerate LinkedIn’s growth, by adding value for every LinkedIn member.”

Dynamics 365 Relevance Search

The Dynamics 365 Blog discusses Relevance Search, a new feature that has been added to Dynamics 365 (online)! Powered by Azure Search, Relevance Search improves the responsiveness and the results over the existing QuickFind. With Relevance Search, you can get comprehensive search results quickly in a single list, sorted by relevance.

Building the perfect user menu

Inogic’s blog discusses how to build a customized Dynamics 365 navigation structure using the pinning feature. In this blog entry, you learn that the pinned entities, views, and records allow  learn how easy it is to navigate Dynamics 365 with a single click.  With the pinning feature in Dynamics 365, we can pin and access different entities and records from different work areas and groups with a single click.

Multi-select OptionSets

It seems like almost every CRM implementation we have to deal with Dynamics 365’s inability to select multiple values from an OptionSet. This great blog from Sonoma Partners introduces a managed solution that gives several ways to implement this feature. You can download the managed solution and test it out for yourself.

Covering your Assets

Mitch Milam of XRM Coaches posted a blog article this week discussing how crucial it is to maintain a repository for all of the source code and customizations for your Dynamics 365 instance. In the event of a need to modify customizations or in the event of a catstrophic system failure, having an organized backup of custom solutions and their source code can be the difference between a major inconvenience and an all out disaster.

Thanks for reading the Friday Five from enCloud9 – We will be back next week with the most interesting posts from throughout the Dynamics 365 blogosphere.