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I don’t consider myself an expert when it comes to Microsoft SQL 2005, however as I find myself getting under the hood more often, I see all of the great features that make this relational databse so useful. Late in the product lifecycle of SQL 2000, Microsoft unveiled SQL Reporting Services. Like many MS first efforts, it seemed half hearted. However, with the release of SQL 2005, Reporting Services came up to a new level. Many IT professionals I speak to are begining to abandon Crystal Reports for this tool.

Anyway, I found myself needing to modify a report that another employee at my company had created using SRS 2005. However, he was on vacation, and I try to avoid bothering anyone spending quality time at Disney World with family. I did not know the first thing about SRS, but I have alwaysbeen a fast learner. On the way to the airport, I picked up Stacia Misner’s SQL Reporting Services Step-by Step. I read the 500+ pages during the five hour trip to my client’s office. It gave me the confidence to modify that report for the client, but it also helped me to overcome that initial fear.

Since that time, I have started to use SRS for both GP and CRM reports, and this book has become one of my essential guides for MSCRM