Hello and welcome to our first Friday 5 of 2017, the start of a brand new, fresh year!  What are your New Year’s resolutions?  I bet among someone’s list is something about getting more organized.  What better way to organize your business than by implementing a customer management relationship tool like Dynamics 365?   We have chosen some of the most interesting articles regarding Dynamics 365 for your reading pleasure.  Happy reading!

1- Who doesn’t like to save money?

With the new Microsoft Dynamics 365 pricing model, more users equals a lower cost per user.   What is referred to as”waterfall pricing” in this article is basically tiered pricing but “waterfall” is a common industry term and better evokes the image of a downward flow of your cost per user. In his blog, Ryan Plourde, of Crowe Horwath, explains the waterfall pricing model.   

2- Time to clean out your closet

Just as you need to clean out your closet and make way for the new clothes, the same is true of CRM tips.  With the rebranding of Dynamics CRM to Dynamics 365, there are a whole slew of tips that are no longer applicable.  It’s time to do some “cleaning” out of your bag of tricks.  This CRM tip of the day gives us a list of tips we DON’T need.

3- Want your dashboard to support more than six frames?

A Dynamics 365 (CRM) Dashboard only supports up to 6 frames. Chad Collett, of Ledgeview Partners, shows how to use an iFrame to place a dashboard inside of another dashboard.  This process is called embedding a Dashboard, allows CRM dashboards to support more than six frames! To learn more, read this.

4- How Microsoft Outlook drives Dynamics CRM 365 success

Although Microsoft Outlook is not directly part of Dynamics 365, the popularity of the email/calendar program can be key in winning Dynamics deals. Outlook can drive CRM project success. Because of its Outlook plug-in, more people are more likely to adopt Dynamics CRM as their CRM.  People want to be able to use tools they are familiar with, such as Outlook. Matt Bolch, of MSDynamicsWorld, explains this to us in his blog.

While this article states that most Dynamics partners are not actively selling Office 365, enCloud9 does!

5- Check out this great overview of some of the features in Dynamics 365!

November 2016 saw the release of Microsoft Dynamics 365. With this update came some fantastic pieces of functionality.  Learn more about some of the great features included in Dynamics 365.   Crm Cat gives us an overview these awesome new features, including tips on getting started..

As always, thank you for reading our Friday 5 and we hope you enjoyed the articles we’ve chosen for you. We’ll be back next week with some great articles to keep you informed on the latest news in the Dynamics 365 world.