Welcome to our Friday 5.  Here in Omaha, Ne we have had a very icy and cold start to our week. Hopefully, you are enjoying some nicer weather. We also hope you enjoy the articles we have chosen for you.

1 – Keeping your CRM clean – A few tips on decluttering

It’s a New Year with a fresh start and a great time to clean up the data in your CRM. Dave Bailey of Arctic IT offers up some great tips for identifying which fields in CRM are no longer relevant or no longer being used.

2 – Search enhancements in Portal for Microsoft Dynamics 365

In addition to the recent update from Dynamics CRM to Dynamics 365, Microsoft has updated the Dynamics Portals. Search is one of the most used features in any self-service portal. With Portal capabilities for Microsoft Dynamics 365, customers search is enhanced. Imagine being able to drill down into the results seamlessly and find what you are looking for quickly. Now you can! The Microsoft Dynamics 365 Team Blog covers the new Dynamics apps and all supported versions of Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Learn more about this great feature here.

3 – Customize Learning Path in Dynamics 365 is easy.

In this video, learn about the Learning Path feature, the fun and efficient way to onboard and train your organization’s Dynamics 365 users.  Get contextual, role-aware content, like videos, text, links, even guided bubble tours, right on the page, with different types of content.

4 – Save time entering data into Microsoft Dynamics CRM

If  you have customized your leads and opportunities with similar fields, have you built mapping between the entities to copy the data when leads are qualified? If not, you are duplicating your efforts and possibly entering incorrect data. Chad Collett, from Legdeview partners, shows us how to map data between entities.

5-Microsoft beefs up its Dynamics 365 Portal with newly added features  and capabilities

Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 Portal is getting a huge facelift this year, including many added functionalities. In their article, LodTech tells us all about these great new features. Microsoft has done a great job of listening to its users and giving them exactly what they want.  Microsoft continues to “empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more.”

As always, thank you for reading our Friday 5.  If you are ready to streamline your organization, collaborate more effectively, provide your clients with outstanding customer service and secure your data, it’s time to think about implementing Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM or Microsoft Office 365.  enCloud9 has helped hundreds of companies boost their productivity through Microsoft’s powerful range of cloud-based software.  We’d love to hear from you!  We can be contacted at our web form or call us today at 402-235-8540.