Good morning and welcome to our Friday 5. The Friday 5 is a curated list of some of the best articles written throughout the week on Dynamics 365. Our goal is to keep you informed on the latest news, information, and happenings in the Dynamics 365 blogosphere.

1-Microsoft Dynamics 365 Icon Pack for 2017

Daniel McKinnel of C2 Software released the first Icon Pack to replace the standard custom icons in Dynamics CRM 2016 last year.  Now, he is back with a there is a second bundle pack of icons offered that are ready to use in Dynamics 365. With 60 icons to choose from, the icons can be downloaded here as a compressed Zip file.

2- How to Embed 3D Models within Dynamics 365

Want to know how to better service end-customers by providing a three dimensional view of your product?  Here Andrew Ly walks us through the steps to embed 3D models within Dynamics 365.  He also discusses some of the reasons he feels this would be useful to a business.  Also provided in this link are the source code and a video walkthrough.

3- Dynamics 365 certifications study links

In this very useful article from Ben Hosking, he not only goes through why Dynamics 365 partners should get certified, discusses his process, and shares some very useful study notes/guides. Dynamics 365 developers should get one certification a year and it makes good sense that if Dynamics 365 is your main tool you should have an in-depth knowledge.  To see his study links click here.

4- Managing Dynamics 365 Online Encryption Key

When you are implementing Dynamics 365 CRM deployment, are questions surrounding security and encryption common ones you deal with?  In this article Andre Margono addresses this issue and shares what we can do with this “shiny new feature.” To read Margono’s ideas on Managing Dynamics 365 Online Encryption Key, click here.

5- Introducing Microsoft Dynamics 365 Guided Tasks

Guided Tasks are a type of Learning Path.  This is a new feature in Microsoft Dynamics 365, with the sole purpose helping on-board new users.  Guided Tasks delivers walkthrough guides and articles within the Dynamics 365 applica  tion. In this way, users can learn new features at their own pace.  Microsoft partner Preact CRM introduces us to this useful new feature.

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