Good morning and welcome to our Friday 5. The Friday 5 is a curated list of some of the best articles written throughout the week on Dynamics 365. Our goal is to keep you informed of the latest news, information, and happenings in the Dynamics 365 blogosphere.

1- Video: Microsoft Dynamics 365 Simplifies Business Intelligence for Amway Business Owners

There is a good chance you have had some interaction with an Amway Business Owner or know someone who has. Amway does business in 100+ countries and employs over 19,000 people- in other words, they are huge!  Watch this short video, published by the CRM Software Blog, to learn how this enormous company uses Dynamics 365 for their customer service, goal setting, and more.

2- 6 Tips for Improving Your Email Newsletter

Many companies send out a newsletter, but how do you ensure that your newsletter is the best it can be?  Although sending out an e-mail newsletter is the “popular” thing to do and seems like a good idea, the first step is to look at your goals and ask yourself if your company really needs a newsletter.  If your answer is yes, then this article is for you!  ClickDimensions provides us with six great tips to improve your e-mail newsletter.

3- Technology Should Be Looked At as an Opportunity

Are you one of those people that have a tendency to look at technology as a threat or as something scary? Every business, whether small or large, can use technology to improve their overall productivity. Technology shouldn’t, and doesn’t, have to be viewed  as a “frightening light.” Instead, think of your goals and what you want to accomplish and look at how technology can fit into that plan and help you achieve all you want to.  Technology should adapt to your business and to your goals, not the other way around.  Our goal at enCloud9 is to help businesses to be as productive as possible. We use technology as a tool.  Digital Business Growth Expert, Steve Cartwright, shares his ideas on why companies need to implement technology and what exactly technology can do for them.  He gives us some great ideas on why we should not be scared of technology, but instead to look at it as an opportunity.

4- Stronger Engagement Through Lead Tracking

Generating leads and acquiring new customers is the lifeline of any organization. Leads are generated by many sources, such as marketing, self-generated by sales, or referrals from clients, employees, vendors, and business partners. It is easy to lose track of which lead source works best and your ability to meet goals.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 has several mechanisms for tracking and comparing lead results to your lead source goals. Bob Sullivan of InfoGrow gives us some steps to follow to set these components up, as well as giving us some great ideas on applying this information.  Use these best practices to gain control over lead generation and improve its effectiveness in helping your find your best customers.

5- Real stories of digital transformation

Throughout the world, businesses of all sizes are discovering the tools of tomorrow and beginning their own digital transformations in order to better serve their customers and stay competitive.

The Microsoft in Business Team has identified four key ways organizations are using the latest technology to drive their digital transformation journeys. This digital transformation is causing many organizations to reevaluate the way things have always been done and imagine what is possible. The Microsoft Team provides us with real examples of companies that are using these innovations in technology to discover new ways to do things.


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