Good morning and welcome to our Friday 5.  We have a lot of great articles for you this week.  We hope that in providing all the great information, you not only enjoy reading but also learn something you can implement to improve your business.  What our goal is at enCloud9 is to help companies enhance their overall productivity- and of course, increase their sales and revenue.  Happy learning!

1 – 3 Simple Strategies for Successful Customer Engagement

The importance of customer engagement is a well-known fact. It is a vital part of boosting sales and satisfying both customers and prospects.  Bob Sullivan of Infogrow, tells us why we should be engaging with our clients and prospectives.  He also gives us 3 great strategies to give customer engagement a boost. Of course, among the solutions mentioned was Dynamics 365.  An excellent way to increase your customer engagement and provide excellent customer service. Contact the experts at enCloud9 to find out how Dynamics 365 can help you. We can be contacted at our web form or call us today at 402-235-8540. We’d love to hear from you!

2 – PLAYER 365 Helps Casino Hosts Connect to Players

Across the Gaming Industry, organizations regularly invest in Casino Hosts to engage guests and build stronger relationships.  PLAYER 365 provides information and insight so that Hosts can significantly improve guest relations.   The goal is to allow a Casino Host to expand their customer service to help guests feel valued and treat them like VIP’s, which results in improved guest loyalty and higher revenue. Player 365 is a solution based on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform that provides a holistic view of a player and their gaming activity within the casino. In his article, David Bailey, of Arctic IT, tells us about this solution and tells us of its key benefits.

3 -How the User Adoption Monitor can help you with your implementation of Dynamics 365

User Adoption Monitor is a productivity app to monitor Adoption by reviewing active usage by users. This app allows you to track and monitor actions performed by users in Dynamics CRM. It acts as an effective tool for managers or administrators for monitoring the usage of Dynamics CRM. To learn more about the features of this app, click here.

4 – ClickDimensions New Release: Updates in 8.3.0 and 8.4.0

It’s time again for some more updates to ClickDimensions! Here is a current listing of the items that were released to the US data center, and these updates will be rolling out to all regions in the next month or so.  For complete release notes on what has already been uploaded to the US data center, please see here.

Are you ready to become ClickDimensions certified?  ClickDimensions is offering a one-day boot camp and is taking enrollment now. Click here for more information. 

5- The Ultimate Guide to Improving Customer Service

If you want to improve your customer service, this article is for you!  Many people think their customer service is better than it actually is.  There’s always room for improvement!  In this article, Matt Mansfield of Small Business Trends gives us a plethora of great resources.  Matt discusses the importance of providing exceptional customer service.  Some of the topics/resources he gives are things like using social media to manage customer service, using chatboxes to connect with their clients in a more personal way, key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure customer service, trends impacting customer service, customer service tips for the modern business and much, much more.

Of course, a CRM system allows you to provide excellent customer service! enCloud9 has experience helping many companies solve their customer service issues by implementing Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM.  Contact us today.  We’d love to hear from you and discuss how we can help.  We can be contacted at our webform or 844-264-0729.


Thank you for reading this week.  We hope you feel more informed- and overall, learned something useful!  If you want to know more about enCloud9 and the services we offer, click here.