Good morning and welcome to our last Friday 5 for January 2017.  We have some great articles for you this week, so grab your coffee or latte and enjoy! Make today super productive and have a great weekend!

1 – Accelerate business success with Microsoft FastTrack for Dynamics 365

Microsoft recently announced the preview of Microsoft FastTrack for Dynamics 365.  This is a program that represents Microsoft’s strong commitment to fostering the business success of its customers, and offers an exciting opportunity for partners as well. In his blog, Kees Hertogh of Microsoft explains the benefits of Microsoft FastTrack.  You can learn more about FastTrack for Dynamics here.

2 – Upgrade to Dynamics 365 – Part 1 &2

Microsoft is beginning to push out Dynamics 365 to Cloud users. enCloud9 had its update this past week and we are loving several of the new features. In this two-part blog, Berringer Associates gives some great ideas to help you determine if you should upgrade to Dynamics 365, as well as some points to consider to ensure a smooth transition.  Read part 1 here. Part 2 can be read here.

3 – Dynamics 365 Adaptability

Purpose-built, productive, intelligent and adaptable: these are the four core capabilities that deliver the best business outcomes for Microsoft Dynamics 365 customers today. In his blog post, Luis Camino, of the Dynamics 365 Team, focuses on the adaptability capability.  This is the one that he feels is most important to customers and their future success.  Included is a great video in which Luis explains the options for Dynamics 365 extensibility.

4 – 100 Reasons to use XRM Toolbox

Are you a CRM administrator? Then you probably use XRM Toolbox. Raz Dynamics has come up with 100 different uses that we all should know about. This comprehensive blog entry is a great reminder about utilities you may not have thought about in awhile.


5 – 10 Great Dynamics 365 blogs and sites

Here Maria Fonsell, of Microsoft Finland, gives a list of her top 10 links and sites for Dynamics 365.  She provides some very useful links such as the Dynamics Learning Portal, the official Dynamics 365 Help and Training site, Dynamics YouTube Channel and more.


As always, thank you for reading our Friday 5.  We hope you enjoyed it and you feel a little more informed.  Our goal is to give you, the readers, some great articles to enjoy that will keep you informed on what’s going on in the Dynamics 365 blogosphere.

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