Good morning and welcome to our Cloud News Roundup. Our staff curated these articles based on the most important recent headlines about Office 365, Dynamics 365 and Dynamics CRM Online. We hope that you find these articles interesting – if you have an article that you would like to contribute, please forward a link to us at


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Dynamics 365

Look how easy it is to add an item to Dynamics 365 for financials.  Watch this super video from @Cloudfinancials!

Office 365

As more and more businesses move to the cloud and rely upon Microsoft’s wide range of products, Microsoft continues to make the security of its products a top priority.  Read about why businesses can trust Office 365 with it’s data.

If you haven’t tried Microsoft’s Skype for business, you need to give it a try!  At the heart of great teams is great communication! Skype for business allows teams to meet, video conference, and share information.  Get this along with your office 365 subscription or try a trial.

With the Microsoft Ignite 2016 closely approaching, will Office 365 services impress?  Several years ago, Microsoft began to shift their focus to cloud solutions.  They have made some great changes and updates to Office 365.  It remains to be seen- whether Microsoft will highlight the benefits of Office 365 services to the users or confuse them more.  I’m betting on Microsoft though.  Their reputation speaks for itself!


Did you know that in Dynamics CRM Voice of the Customer you can collect responses, and then you can collect the feedback?  In this video from @crmtipoftheday, they will not only walk you through the differences between those two, they will also spend some time discussing configuration and customization.

Since the recent announcements of Dynamics 365, many CRM users are wondering if their Dynamics CRM database will affected by the common data model.  In this short video from the @MicrosoftCommunity, Scott Durow (MVP) explains just how the two work side by side.

In this article about Project Service Automation, or PSA, you will be given more information on the solution, as well as being provided a step by step guide to this effective component. The focal point of this blog is the planning and delivery.

Other Cool Stuff

Have you ever heard of the bikelophone, the aquaggaswack, beer bottle organ, or the didgeridoo?  Celebrate “Strange Music Day” today  by broadening your musical spectrum and listening to something bizarre or different that you’ve never experienced before.  Check out this list of websites of strange music and instuments. #strangemusicday

Microsoft already has apps like GroupMe and Skype for Business  to allow fellow shift members to collaborate, but now it is testing the Project Sonoma .   In this app, one would be able to see shifts, request swaps and chat with teammates either one-on-one or in groups.  How convenient is that?

Because of its time and cost efficiency, cloud computing has become very popular among many business owners.  There are many benefits moving to the cloud, but it is important to look at which parts of your business you want to integrate and which type of cloud software best suits your needs. In this article from @b2community, benefits of moving to the cloud, as well as many of the important aspects to consider are mentioned.