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Office 365

Microsoft continues to improve on it’s Office 365 application.  Announced earlier this week, updates to Sway, the company’s “storytelling app.” Read this article to find out why this powerful app may be potentially more useful to organizations.

Adding a domain to Office 365 is really easy, even if the domain is already registered elsewhere.  This web page walk you through the process.

This technical support webpage will walk you through the three steps you need to follow setup and enable Office 365 Message Encryption.  These steps are not difficult to follow, but they may take some time.

Dynamics CRM

As a manager, do you want to track certain activities to make sure the sales team is following up with their customers/distributors/etc?  You can manage these processes with a Microsoft Dynamics CRM workflow.  Read this article from the Microsoft Dynamics Community to find out how you can setting up a sales follow-up workflow in Dynamics CRM.

This article, also from the Microsoft Dynamics Community, examines the importance of visualizing your CRM, seeing your customers as “real people,” not just data on a spreadsheet.  Read this…only if you want to provide the best customer service possible.

Not too terribly long ago, Microsoft falling behind in the “cloud wars.”  Not the case now. Under the management of CEO, Satya Nadella since 2014, Microsoft has made leaps and bounds in this area.  Read to find out what exactly they are doing.

Other Cool Stuff

Congratulations to TechData for winning Microsoft’s Excellence in Operations Award.  Tech Data is one of the world’s largest wholesale distributors of technology products, services and solutions.  They were recognized yesterday by Microsoft for their commitment to operational excellence and strong performance.

Do you want to get better at sales?  Tired of trying the same things repeatedly and tired of hearing the same sales tips?  While many of those old “tried and true” techniques work (and some really well), do you just want to try something new?  Well, that’s what this article is about.  It’s about some of the lesser known sales tips.

Want a “feel good” story that will restore your faith in humanity?  Read this story of an Olympian Athlete who sold his medal to help a three year old boy pay for his cancer treatment.