Good morning and welcome back to our Cloud News Roundup.  We hope you had a relaxing holiday weekend and got to enjoy some time with family and friends.  Time to get back into routine of the work week.  Take some time today to read these articles we’ve chosen for you.

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Dynamics 365

Run your entire business, from Office 365 to Dynamics CRM, in the trusted Microsoft cloud.  With Dynamics 365, Microsoft has combined their ERP and CRM cloud solutions into one.  Read more about the “pay only for what you need” solution.

I’m sure that by now, you have read lots of things about Microsoft’s new product, due out this fall (October 11, to be exact).  This article highlights some of the hopes and fears related.
Be among the first to Microsoft Dynamics 365 in action at the CRMUG Summit, Oct. 11.  It will be quite an event!

Office 365

The Office 365 software suite is changing so fast that each month.  This article mentions all of the August updates.

Office 365 and Office 2016 share a lot of similarities, yet how do you decide which version of Office is better for you.  It depends on many factors and it depends on your needs.  Read this article about the two applications.

Once you delete items from Outlook , it will end up in the Recoverable Items Folder. This article will detail how to check for and modify how much time  that data sits in the Recoverable Items Folder, before it’s purged from Exchange Online.

Dynamics CRM 

Microsoft has been making significant updates to CRM since 2011, but many organizations are still using CRM 2011.   This 4-minute video provides an overview of some of the most fundamental upgrades that have been made since CRM 2011.

Have you come across this message when merging two contacts…“Assignee has insufficient privileges.”  Read this tip to find out why you might be getting this error and what you can do to fix it.

The role of Dynamics CRM administrator/owner is critical to the success of the solution, and it is required at different stages of the solution life cycle.  This article focuses on post go-live, operational production tasks of the Owner/Administrator of Dynamics CRM solution.

Other Cool Stuff

Are you prepared for this second wave of the cloud? Most companies are not, partly  because they’re still in the beginning stages of their cloud deployment, but the second generation of cloud computing will to be all about governance and management. But that second wave will be here before you know it, whether you’re ready for it or not.

Who needs an office when they have a car….a Mercedes to be exact?  Read this article to find out information on the “In Car- Office” project, in which Microsoft Exchange support and integrations are added, along  with your work calendar into your vehicle.

Microsoft’s has made leaps and bounds in the cloud services area, thanks to CEO, Satya Nadella.   Microsoft and Salesforce have become strong rivals of sorts, but Microsoft has overtaken long time leader Salesforce as the top Software as a Service provider in Q2 2016.  Read this article to find out the details of Microsoft’s victory.