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Dynamics 365

So, by now, I’m sure you know all about Microsoft’s new business application, Dynamics 365,  but when will it be launched?  Microsoft plans it’s public unveiling on Oct. 11, during the CRMUG Summit.

Office 365

A growing number of businesses  have started taking notice of Microsoft’s latest efforts with its new on-premises Skype for Business Server and the Cloud PBX service recently added to Office 365.  Both of these offer extended telephony and videoconferencing functions and viable public switched telephone network (PSTN) connectivity. Could Skype and Office 365 replace traditional enterprise phone systems?

There are times you need to use a different tool to manage Office 365. Here are three you should know.

Microsoft announced a few days ago a new in-app assistance feature for Office 365 customers.  Office 365 Home and Personal subscribers in the U.S. can now chat in real-time with a Microsoft support agent for help without leaving the Office app.

Dynamics CRM

So, if you are considering a CRM, you are probably wondering just how much it is going to cost you.  Of course, exactly how much will depend on your needs, but here is a “quick quote tool” that will give you a ballpark.  This will give you a basic idea so you know approximately how much to budget.  A consultant, such as enCloud9, could give you an exact amount after discussing your company’s needs.  Get your free automated Microsoft Dynamics CRM Quick Quote.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM users  should be excited about Microsoft’s recent acquisition of LinkedIn for $26.2 billion . This purchase sets Microsoft Dynamics CRM up for success by supplying users with popular social media features and a rich source of business data.

In today’s CRM Tip of the Day,  the use of Document Templates in CRM 2016 is explained.   Discussed are the  different options available for including related data.   Some of the limitations involved are discussed as well as a step by step explanation of how to create a template that uses data from different related records. (both parent and child)

Other Cool Stuff

So, what on earth does Goldilocks have to do with the cloud?  Read this article to find out.

What would you think if you looked in your backyard and saw bears swimming in your pool?….yes, bears!  Well, bears deserve to have some summer fun too.

What could be better than a bonut???  What is a bonut, might you ask?  It is a donut made of biscuit dough.  Here, Alton Brown shows us how to make this delicacy.  Maybe you can make these for breakfast this weekend!