Good morning and welcome to our Daily Cloud News Roundup. Cloud technology is changing how businesses conduct business.  If you have been thinking of migrating your data to the cloud and joining the “cloud revolution,” contact enCloud9 today. We have chosen some of the top cloud articles for you to read.

Enjoy them and have a stupendous day!  Also enjoy your weekend.  If you are a lover of football, make sure to check out the article about football games in the Office 365 section.


Dynamics 365

eXtremeCRM is THE Microsoft Dynamics CRM partner event to attend to make those connections and increase overall knowledge. eXtremeCRM is currently celebrating its 6th year, and 11th event overall.  These events will help create better businesses, and better relationships. Register here by September 11th to receive early bird pricing and save $500!  This is a must attend event for any Microsoft partner interested in the Dynamics 365 strategy.


Office 365

Due to it’s continuous innovations and updates, Office 365 is an easy decision when it comes to choosing the solution that will promote the most productivity in the workplace.  Read this article from Navisite about the 4 Reasons  more and more companies are choosing Office 365 as their solution.

Microsoft is adding speed option of “fast” and “slow” to its Office Insider preview program.  This feature is new to users of Office in Windows.  Until now, only Mac users had this option.  Read all about this added feature at Computerworld.

Microsoft releases its latest Office 365 preview option, Visio Online.  Sign up here to check out the browser-based version of the diagram tools program.

Fall is among us and you know what that means- football season.  Are you having a hard time keeping track of all the games between pro teams, college teams, fantasy leagues, championships, playoffs, and bowl games?  Now, you can add the important games to your or Office 365 calendar.  Go to this link on the Office site for directions on how to do this.






Dynamics CRM 

Are you interested in finding some good strategies that will help you change a one time customer into a lifelong customer?  Then read this article from the Microsoft Dynamics Blog.  Many times there is a disconnect between sales and customer service.  In this article, Tricia Morris gives 7 ways customer service can support sales.  With Dynamics CRM, you can eliminate this potential problem.

With The ClickDimensions Image Map editor, you can easily create and send out a survey after a business transaction.  Read this article from the ClickDimensions blog to find out how you can easily poll your customers and receive feedback.

In this CRM tip of the day, we will examine the different options  available for including related data , as well some of the limitations.

Other Cool Stuff

Spring and Fall are both horrible times for allergy suffers.  Do you want to know what foods you can eat to help you survive these horrible allergies?  Then, check out this link to learn about 10 foods that can help you get through the season.

Alphabet drones to deliver burritos….yes….burritos!  Alphabet’s research lab, X, will test delivering burritos from a Chipotle Mexican Grill  food truck to a small number of staff and students at Virginia Tech.  Read this article from the Wall Street Journal.

Apple unveiled the iPhone 7 this week in SanFransico at a keynote event.  Apparently, sales of Apple’s phone have been falling as consumers wait longer to upgrade.  Watch this video from the Laughing Squid, in which MacRumors gives a recap of everything that happened at the event in under 5 min.